X-Factor premieres, doesn’t live up to expectations

Taylor Yeazel, Staff Writer

“The X Factor,” a highly anticipated show, was a huge disappointment.
Throughout the audition episodes, I did not see anyone I enjoyed listening to. I didn’t find the talent I was hoping to see.
First, not many of the good singers were shown — the absolutely horrible ones were.
I don’t watch singing shows to see people make fools out of themselves. I watch singing shows for the talent. I watch for inspiration. The only inspiration this show gave me was to turn off the television.
Second, the voting process was too long. This made the show seem to drag on. It seemed endless. The judges, Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, critiqued the performance, a process that seemed to take centuries, and then state whether they voted yes or no, which took almost as much time. I understand the judges need to critique the performances, but did they have to take forever? On American Idol, judging didn’t take as long either. The judges would say a few things and then say yes or no. To be honest, I don’t care about the critiques. I really don’t. I watch these shows to see pure talent.
How much talent did I see? None.
It looked staged. A lot of what occurred looked completely fake. It seemed that the judges and some of the contestants were acting. Such as when Abdul claimed she got sick after a particular contestant’s vulgar performance.
I can say one thing for sure about this show that I think most will agree with: this is not American Idol. I grew up watching American Idol. Up until a few years ago, I was even planning to audition. I’ll be honest. I expected “The X Factor” to be like American Idol but better. I wanted to see true talent. No one stood out on “The X Factor.” I expected more than what was seen.
Overall, I was not im- pressed. If you didn’t like the way American Idol was set up, you probably will like “The X Factor.” If you aren’t as critical of every flaw, you’ll probably like it more than I do.