Review: fall play, The Foreigner

Odi Opole, Web Editor

A painfully shy young man on vacation with his friend.
An aging woman who may have to lose the house she’s lived in all her life.
A rich debutante, engaged to a pastor who may not be as nice as he seems.
A young inheritor who may be barred from his money due to his seemingly low intellect.
The stellar cast makes this play what it is.
The main character, Charlie, (senior Alex Petersen) couldn’t be more sweet and loveable if he tried. Once you add in faking an accent, language, strange customs, you have an extremely enjoyable character played by a well-chosen actor. Petersen is genuine in everything he does as Charlie, and that sincerity leaps out at the audience from the opening scene to the final curtain.
Senior Jake Miller and sophomore Maia Schoenberg successfully play two complex characters who happen to be engaged for all the wrong reasons. Wonderful emotion from Schoenberg and good depth of character from Miller bring the characters to life. Both actors add layers to the show by making it much more personal. They work well as individuals and as a pair.
Sadly, I can’t outline each and every wonderful performance in this show – that would take away from the time that could be spent watching it. Other characters to watch for are Betty (junior Brianna Woods), Ellard (junior Grayson Yockey), and Owen (sophomore Alec Newport).
“The Foreigner” is a funny, engaging show that offers something for everyone: drama, intrigue, comedy, wry humor and a touch of romance that mixes together to create a perfect, well-balanced bundle of twists and turns. Right when things get tense, a gesture or smart comment pulls a laugh out of a situation that becomes unexpectedly hilarious.

Opening night for “The Foreigner” is tonight, Nov. 10. The show will also be performed on Friday, Nov. 11 and Saturday, Nov. 12, at 7 p.m. on all three days. Tickets are $7 at the door.