Coldplay “Mylo Xyloto” review

Odi Opole, Aubrey Illig, Entertainment Editor, Staff Photographer

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From Odi Opole:
If you’ve ever heard of a little band called Coldplay, you probably know that they released a new album, Mylo Xyloto , in October. If you’ve never heard of the Grammy-Award-winning group, you should go buy Mylo Xyloto right now so you don’t have to miss out on amazing music any longer than you already have.
If you look at the album art for Mylo Xyloto, you get a pretty good impression of how the album will be – vibrant, exciting, and bright. Even songs like “Every Tear is a Waterfall” and “Hurts Like Heaven” are upbeat and light, with wailing guitars and soprano synths supporting lead singer Chris Martin’s jubilant voice. The entire album is an experiment in happiness and optimism – a pleasant change from Viva la Vida (2008), Coldplay’s previous studio album.
However, Coldplay fans should not be put off by the band’s new sound. Coldplay is still Coldplay – the lyrics are still deliciously poetic, the instrumentals are still sweet and savory, and not every song is full of synths the way “Charlie Brown” is. Mylo Xyloto has something for everyone, including heavy doses of the Coldplay we know and love in songs like “Up In Flames” and “Paradise”.
All in all, Coldplay has another award-worthy album on their hands. Although Mylo Xyloto  might not have the same Top 40 appeal as Viva la Vida did, the songs are just as good. The entire album employs a lighter, more airy style while staying true to the band’s image and style.
From Aubrey Illig
Mylo Xyloto (pronounced “my-low zy-le-toe”) is the new album from the band Coldplay. They proclaim to be a “introspective Brit-pop/ anthemic rock” band and that feeling proves true through their new album.
With their chart-topping hit “Paradise” the album is already on its way to being one of their best.
With deep lyrics in all of their songs, people have to look into the song to find the meaning, not just listen to it.
The same proves true with the title of the album. The lead singer Chris Martin finally revealed the meaning behind it while having an interview with the New York Times.
“Music comes from a place we don’t know,” Martin said, “It sort of comes through the fingers and toes. So we came up with the idea of, what if you had musical digits, like xylo toes?”
Errr. Right… I totally followed that.
Regardless, there is a deeper meaning behind it. In the world or art, concept is always better than laying it out for your audience.
With introspective lyrics and a feel the music beat, “Hurts like Heaven” is heaven for the dedicated Coldplay fan.
“You use your heart as a weapon/ And it hurts like heaven” is a lyric that most of us can relate to, which for me, music is what it is all about.
However, I am realistic, and we live in a world of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Lil Wayne.
Coldplay is, obviously, none of the above.
But they did a good job with their sound and “Paradise” is ringing through the top radio stations and I am sure there will be a few more to follow.
One of which will probably be “Princess of China” which the band collaborated with Rihanna on, making it all the more likely to be seen in your iTunes top 10 box.
But unfortunately, the majority of their sound will go unnoticed by most.
Overall, the album seems to be more upbeat and positive and has a motivational feel to it.
It shows the colors of Coldplay and is truly different than any other sound out there. They have not conformed to the expectations of the music industry like most other chart topping artist.
While I don’t see everyone running to the store to buy the album, it was a solid piece of work which was worth the 46ish minutes to listen to.