“15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play” delivers unique, fun experience

Odi Opole, Web Editor

The all-underclassmen cast of “15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play” delivers a hilarious, engaging performance as various advocates for the end of theater as we know it.
The play, which is not set in a specific time or place, lists 15 creative and convincing reasons why being in a play could be very, very bad – reasons that include traumatic childhood experiences, international disasters and one very evil Director Frankenburg. Although there isn’t a concrete plot, each reason brings in backstories and unique characters of its own.
The script is witty and engaging, and the acting is fun and interactive – very interactive. If you sit in the front row, be prepared for cast members to step off the stage and involve you in some awkward-but-hilarious encounters. The cast does a lot of miming and acting without props – something I found refreshing and creative.
The production is definitely one for all audiences – no matter what your general tastes are, you will chuckle, guffaw, and cringe along with the cast, and your face will hurt by the time you leave – I know mine did.

“15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play” opens Monday, ┬áJan. 23 at 7 p.m. In the Black Box Theater. Tickets are $3.

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