Fun with Fashion: New trends brighten up wardrobe

Odi Opole, Web Editor

It may only be February, but stores have already stocked their shelves with swimsuits and shorts for spring as fashion trends gather steam. The most popular influences include nautical, tribal and feminine styles. Here’s how to rock them this year:

Time to display your inner wild child ­— Rawr?
The tribal trend, characterized by bright colors, bold prints and big, simple accessories, brings fun into your spring wardrobe while also toning down to a school-appropriate level.
If you’re going out, a bold dress with leggings and a neutral cardigan looks best — but for school, pair a printed shirt with jeans, or try a simple shirt-and-skirt outfit with chunky necklaces and fun bangles.
But make sure to remember the most important rule of this trend: don’t overdo it.
One wild piece will pull together an entire outfit, so don’t you dare pair leopard-print jeans with a zebra-striped jacket.

Girly girls of the world, your time has come. Pastel colors, floral prints and skirts are all huge trends this spring — and why shouldn’t we celebrate all the perks of being feminine?
Dress up a pair of jeans with a blouse and some pearls, or keep it simple with a knee-length sundress and a cardigan.
The trend is all about playing up femininity, so don’t be afraid to pile on the pink and have fun with flowery prints. However, be careful not to cross from soft-and-sweet to sickly-sweet.
Too many frills can become overkill very quickly, and so can becoming a walking garden.

Slip on your Sperry shoes, sailors.
This season, feel free to put your own twist on the stripes and primary colors that dominate the nautical trend.
Instead of pairing navy blue with red and white all the time, pick a deeper color like maroon, or a lighter, more fun color like peach or pastel yellow.  If you pick one strong color like navy blue or white as your dominant color, then stick with shades and tints of primary colors for your accents and accessories.
A good pair of high-waisted denim/navy blue pants or shorts will make this trend easy to follow by providing a quick, easy and neutral dominant piece for all of your maritime-inspired outfits.
This trend  also translates to men’s fashion as casual-yet-classy wardrobe options. Sperry Top-Siders with a pinstriped shirt instantly dress up any pair of pants while staying casual enough for everyday wear.

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