Creating new traditions, BV’s Fifth Wall Comedy Troupe incorporates new games, adapts to changes

Sally Cochran, Editor in Chief

Check out a video of Fifth Wall’s first performance here.

Fifth Wall, Blue Valley’s comedy troupe, performed for the first time this year at 6 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 7th in the Black Box Theater.
“We want to bring a lot more new games and keep some traditions the same,” co-president senior Grayson Yockey said. “We want to evolve each and every game.”
This year, the team of acting students is lead by ‘Improvodores,’ a cross between improv and commodores, Yockey and senior Bri Woods.
“Both have a great understanding of how improv works,” director Jeff Yarnell said.
Yarnell said they also have individual skills to bring to the team.
“One of the great things about Bri is that she has a lot of stage presence and a lot of big energy on stage,” he said. “She’s successful in about every scene she’s in. Grayson has a lot of big ideas. He brings a lot of one-liners to it.”
The troupe’s personality changes every year due to incoming members and graduates from the previous year.
“Each year the team evolves into something else, and each year we have our strengths and our weaknesses,” Yockey said.
Fifth Wall has performed more than all of the other improv teams in the district combined.
This year, they expect to perform about 10 times, six to eight of which will be at BV. Also, the team plans on performing outside of school.
“This team is good at adapting,” Yarnell said. “Sometimes we are performing in public, and adults are watching us. It’s a varied audience once we leave the school.”
Yarnell and Yockey said this team is set apart with a definite rehearsal schedule.
“We will rehearse every week,” Yarnell said. “Most schools either don’t have [a team], or they don’t rehearse as much as us. And some teams don’t even form until second semester.”
Yockey says they are different from other improv troupes.
“We’re funnier,” he said. “Not that we’re better. But we’re better looking.”