Hitting the charts: Staff member reviews recently released albums

Hailey McEntee, Co-Editor

These are album reviews from the September edition of  The Tiger Print. You can also check out additional reviews to the left, in a Prezi by Photographer Alex Kontopanos.

The Midsummer Station – Owl City
Adam Young, otherwise known as Owl City, released his new album, “The Midsummer Station”, Aug. 21.
It features 12 songs and one of the most popular songs on the album is “Good Time”, which features Carly Rae Jepsen — who sings the widely popular song “Call Me Maybe.” I really like how she is in the song because she is becoming a well-known female artist. Also, their voices together sound exceptional.
This album can be great to listen to whether you are blasting music in your car or just at home doing homework. “The Midsummer Station” has a good mix of tempos and can suit many musical preferences.

Eye On It – Toby Mac
TobyMac’s new album “Eye On It” was released Aug. 24. It includes 12 songs and a deluxe version of the album is also available, which includes six additional remixed tracks.
The top selling song in this album is “Forgiveness” which features Christian hip-hop artist, Lecrae. This album is upbeat and fresh with its electro-pop style songs. Amidst the modern sounding songs there also lie great messages. The lyrics are very insightful and the music is pleasing to hear.
This album can be purchased on iTunes and the deluxe version is the 18th top selling album on iTunes as of September 10th. I strongly suggest checking out “Eye On It”.

Dustin Lynch – Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch’s new album was released Aug. 21. For all y’all who like country music, this is the album for you. The music is a great mix of upbeat and slower songs.
The most popular song on the album is “Cowboys and Angels”, which is a ballad with beautiful lyrics. This album consists of 12 songs and one bonus track.
Lynch wrote or co-wrote a total of ten of the songs on this album, which is really refreshing because the listener gets to hear some of his feelings through the music.