Comedian offers humor through candid stories

Colin Gegory, Staff Writer

“I was very ambitious as a child. I wanted to be a comedian, or a rapper, or the owner of a pizza restaurant where third graders could hang out.”
That’s stand up comedian Mike Birbiglia.
I had the pleasure of seeing him live at the Midland, and it an absolutely hysterical experience.
The show that I saw was titled “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” and it was all new material.
Birbiglia used his natural gift of storytelling to weave several hilarious tales of his own romantic mishaps together. The stories ranged chronologically from when Birbiglia was in middle school, to tales from the present.
Birbiglia managed to be endearing as a performer, as well as provide some mildly serious social commentary on topics like gender roles and how people perceive popular culture.
Seeing Birbiglia live adds an element that cannot be gained by simply listening to him. There’s just something intangibly better about seeing a comedian in person. However, if you can’t make it to a show, there are still other ways to experience Birbiglia’s unique brand of humor.
Birbiglia’s three previous live CDs — “Two Drink Mike,” “My Secret Public Journal,” and “Sleepwalk With Me” — are available on iTunes, and a live version of “My Secret Public Journal” is available to watch via instant streaming on Netflix.
Birbiglia can also be seen on the big screen. He directed and starred in the film “Sleepwalk With Me,” which is based on his experiences highlighted in his album of the same name. The movie tells the semi-autobiographical story of Birbiglia, as a struggling stand up comedian in a stalled relationship, as he begins to develop a severe sleepwalking problem.
The movie is lively, heartfelt, and hilarious. This is due to the honest performances of Birbiglia and the rest of the cast, as well getting to see what Birbiglia has been talking about on his previous CDs.
I’ll try to avoid redundancy, but I cannot stress how side-splittingly hilarious Birbiglia is. Anytime I am down for any reason, a listen to Birbiglia will brighten my day. Seriously, check the guy out. He’s hysterical.