“Pitch Perfect” offers something for everyone, balances music, comedy, storyline

Anna Wonderlich, Co-Editor

Pitch Perfect was awesome.
It had comedy, quality music, good actors, a little bit of romance and an interesting storyline — everything I could ask for in a movie. I was entertained for the whole movie, and I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing it for a second time.
When I first saw the Pitch Perfect trailer I immediately knew I wanted to see it because it looked really funny. There isn’t anything particularly amazing about it, but it’s just a feel-good movie that lived up to my expectations.
For the most part, the storyline was somewhat predictable — but the characters and little details separated it from other similar movies. It’s about a girl named Beca (Anna Kendrick) who joins an all-girls a cappella group, ‘The Bellas,’ to get more involved in college. Their rivals, The Trebelmakers, are the all-boys a cappella group at their college. The Bellas and The Trebelmakers compete against other choirs to win a prestigious singing contest. A main conflict with the Bellas is whether they should stick with tradition or modernize their performances.
The film’s soundtrack was actually better than I expected. Mash-ups and covers of popular songs like “Please Don’t Stop the Music,“ “Right Round” and “Party in the U.S.A.” mixed in with a few classics like “Eternal Flame” and “Let it Whip,” kept the performances interesting. The mash-ups of the songs were really, really good, too. The choreography that went along with the performances wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very impressive either. It mainly stuck to basic dance moves, but at least it didn’t distract from the singing. Nothing really stood out to me here.
However, all the characters were really interesting. Each one had their own funny personality that highlighted a different stereotype. My favorite was Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and the quiet Asian girl who’s secretly evil (Hana Mae Lee). Although the audience can barely hear what she’s saying, every time she speaks up it’s absolutely hilarious.
Wilson made the movie so enjoyable because everything she said or did was hilarious. Jokes about her poor athletic abilities, such as “I’m horizontal running” and “Yeah, no, don’t put me down for cardio,” provided comic relief throughout the movie. I liked watching her play a bigger role in Pitch Perfect because I had only seen her act briefly in the movie Bridesmaids.
Pitch Perfect could be compared to Glee, but I think it was a little more mature and had better music than the TV show. Glee is well-known for its catchy mash-ups, but Pitch Perfect achieved better mash-ups because it involved more current music. Both Glee and Pitch Perfect had interesting and hilarious characters, but Pitch Perfect’s characters seemed a little less stereotypical and more average.
I would especially recommend this movie to Glee fans, students involved in the Performing Arts or anyone who just enjoys music. Even my mom liked the movie, so it’s not just teenagers that will enjoy Pitch Perfect.
Movie critic Christy Lemire from the Associated Press couldn’t say it any better: “You may as well give up and give in to your inner musical theater geek.”