New Taylor Swift album blends new sound with familiar topics

Jansen Hess, Sports Editor

Taylor Swift is topping the charts with her most recent album, Red, which debuted on Oct. 22. Red gives off more of a pop vibe as opposed to her previous country albums. But it’s still full of songs about adolescence and heartbreak Swift is famous for. She delivered exactly what her fans wanted; relatable songs.
Swift came out with four new singles in the four weeks leading up to the album’s release, one for each week: “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” “Begin Again,” “Red” and “State of Grace”.
These singles got me extremely excited for the entire album. They were all different from her previous works so I was anxious to see what else she had up her sleeve. Thankfully, Swift didn’t disappoint. Red has the perfect ratio of the classic Taylor Swift heartbreak songs, just with a different spin on it. Plus the typical ‘just wanna get up and dance songs.
A perfect example of one of the more upbeat songs is “22”. It’s about forgetting all your worries and just having a good time.
“Red” is another really relatable song — well for girls at least. It’s about a guy — there’s a shocker — and talks about how impossible it is to get over him. And let’s be real, we all have had that happen to us. We just can’t move on no matter how hard we try. “Forgetting him is like knowing someone you’ve never met.” Amen, Taylor, amen.
One of the better upbeat songs on the album is “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. It totally just embraces all of the confusing feelings people experience during relationships. It’s just a great song to blast in the car with all the windows down and scream at the top of your lungs.
As for the more serious songs, there’s a tie between the best: “Treacherous” and “All Too Well”.
“Treacherous” is just about going for something despite the challenges you may face. T-Swift just wants us to embrace those challenges, make the most of the journey, and enjoy the view from the top.
“All Too Well”: It’s not being able to forget about something, even though forgetting and moving on is what’s best. Swift uses this as a great example to relate to her audience because, let’s be real, everyone has that one thing they wish they could forget, but it’s nearly impossible.
Other quality songs on the album: “Holy Ground,” “Everything Has Changed” and “Starlight”.
Overall, this was another grade-A performance from Swift and it’ll most likely be playing nonstop for the next month.