Pinterest inspires seasonal fashion, food, craft ideas

Ellie Fehlig, Photographer

Winter recipes, fall fashions and holiday sweaters.
It’s all there.
As one looks on Pinterest, he or she is sure to find plenty of things that encourage the excitement of autumn. Anyone with a Pinterest account will agree.
Whether a user is on their Pinterest home feed or just browsing random boards, inspiration for fall and winter ideas can be found all over the site.
One of the most popular aspects of Pinterest is how it offers completely new ideas that are never-before-seen.
Junior Sami Miller said Pinterest is getting her excited for winter.
“[Pinterest] gives me ideas for what I can do differently from previous years and make things more fun this year than they have in the past,” Miller said.
Pinterest not only offers new ideas in crafts and fashion, but also has a plethora of projects that are easy and affordable to do yourself.
Miller said she will likely spend less money this year during the holiday season than she did last year.
“Pinterest has so many ‘do it yourself ’ ideas,” Miller said. “Things I would normally need to go out and purchase, I can make myself and do new creative things that are less costly.”
Pinterest also provides fashion ideas for every season. Miller said as the weather changes, so do the pins.
“[The pins] went from shorts and neon colors to sweaters and scarves and fall colors,” she said. “[Pinterest] helped me transition from one season to the next.”
Although males are able to use Pinterest, the majority of the users are female.
Sophomore Arjun Prakash said because fewer guys use Pinterest than girls do, he is not affected by the winter trends seen on the site.
“I don’t use [Pinterest]. I don’t know that many people who do use it, and so it doesn’t really affect me,” Prakash said. “I’ve heard of a lot of girls using Pinterest, so I guess that’s the social norm right now.”
Miller said she views Pinterest as a way to connect with others through her pins.
“Pinterest helps people share ideas and things that they’ve created that they’re proud of and want to share with other people,” Miller said. “[Pinterest users] help inspire [viewers] to also be creative.”