One or the Other: Starbucks vs. Take Five

Riley Miller, Opinion Editor

With the Starbucks franchise having 16,850 shops all over the world with more and more opening up each day, Starbucks is easily one of the most successful coffee companies out there. However, in Johnson County, some might say there’s a little competition between Starbucks and Take Five Coffe & Bar. Both are located on 151st Street, with Take Five housed in the Nall Valley Shops, adjacent to Nall Avenue, while the local Starbucks is just a few minutes away on 151st Street and Metcalf Avenue.
Take Five’s popularity comes from the fact that it aims to help get their customers away from everyday distractions, like television, for example. Sophomore Alyssa Hanna says the quiet environment of Take Five makes it easy if you need a place to study, but when it actually comes to the coffee itself she likes Starbucks’ coffee better.
“Starbucks is a lot louder so it makes it harder to study,” she said. “And you always see people [you know] there, and get distracted.”
Junior Megan Nicholis said she prefers Take Five’s coffee over Starbucks’, and she only goes to Starbucks when her family wants to.
“Starbucks is all ‘frou-frou’ coffee, and Take Five is actually real coffee,” she said.
Sophomore Jocelyn Dennis said she likes both coffee shops, but for different reasons.
“I like Starbucks for stuff that doesn’t have that much coffee in it,” she said. “But I like Take Five because their coffee is hardcore and it gets you pumped up.”
Take Five’s live music on certain nights sets it apart from Starbucks. The music is played by artists from all around the area, typically on the weekends.
Both coffee shops have a variety of different foods and snacks for the convenience of their customers.
For both Take Five and Starbucks, there are reward systems for frequent customers. The more coffee you buy, the more rewards you get.