Ed Sheeran show breaks concert norms, brings audience into music

Caroline Meinzenbach, Opinion Editor

For anyone who hasn’t had the privilege of hearing any of British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s music, do yourself a favor and go listen to him.
He can sing.
He can rap.
He can beatbox.
Honestly, there is nothing this man can’t do.
Now, I have been a fan of his for a while but after seeing him live, I have a whole new respect for his music.
In case you didn’t realize, he does all his music live — just him and his guitar. This doesn’t mean it’s all acoustic. Sheeran uses a microphone that records any beats or guitar riffs he makes using a drum pedal, and plays it back throughout the rest of the song. You watch him make the song right in front of you. He is literally a one-man-band.
Not only is Sheeran an amazing guitarist, he is also an incredible singer. He is just as good, if not better, live as he is on the album.
He’s not even technically a rapper, but he is better than more than half the rappers on the radio.
Sheeran even writes all of his songs. And they are quite possibly the best songs ever written.
During his slower, quiet songs, he tells everyone to be quiet and just listen. Sheeran said if someone is being loud to “stroke” them, and let them know they need to quiet down. He wants you to hear his meaning and lyrics. And it’s good thing, too.
Why go to a concert if all you can hear is the screaming fans?
My favorite part of the concert was how Sheeran gets the crowd to sing along. He splits the theater down the middle and said “right side do the lower harmony and left do the higher harmony.” You can feel the music. You are the music.
Sheeran literally uses the audience to his benefit and not just background noise.
This man deserves all the awards.
That was most definitely, hands-down the best concert I’ve ever experienced. I can’t even express how amazing it was. Someone wouldn’t even have to know him to completely enjoy themselves.
If you have the chance to see him when he opens for Taylor Swift this August, by all means, take it.