“Evil Dead” remake thrills, terrifies, adds new plot twists

Jansen Hess, Sports Editor

The first installment of “The Evil Dead” franchise was made in 1981. Since then, there have been a 2 sequels to the original as well as a remake that premiered in theaters on Friday, April 5.
The remake, however, was nothing like the original.
It was much better and much clearer.
When I saw the original film, I followed the plot, but I never understood why certain things were happening.
The remake did an excellent job of opening the film with the backstory. It made the entire film much more understandable since I actually knew why demons were attaching themselves to people’s souls.
I also enjoyed the amount of detail that they put in the remake. All the background information made all the difference in this film.
The original was more of your typical cabin-in-the-woods horror movie rather than a movie that had me on edge of my seat with my eyes half covered.
This movie was one of the scariest, goriest movies I have ever seen.
If you can’t handle blood, then I do not suggest this movie.
You’ll see, in detail, an arm sawed off, a tongue get cut in half right down the middle, two feet chopped off of a naked demon, and a girl pull her own hand off from under a car.
It’s pretty gruesome.
But it’s also a quality horror film.
The actors did an absolutely amazing job at being possessed demons. The makeup was unreal.
Revealing the characters too much will give away most of the story, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say they’re amazing.
Like, I had to cover my eyes because I was so scared.
And be walked up to my garage.
And run upstairs and jump on my bed so the demon underneath it wouldn’t pull me down with it.
Although the movie ran a little long, the ending was the best part.
When it starts raining blood, that’s when Hell rises — literally.
The ending is full of gore and is much less ambiguous than the original version.
And, for the original “Evil Dead” lovers, there’s a surprise at the very end of the credits you don’t want to miss.
3.5 out of 5 stars.