Staffer discusses money management, encourages money-saving options

Abby Bamburg, Entertainment Editor

Money, money, money. To most of us, the best five letter word out there.
We all know the feeling of getting our paychecks after a long, hard two weeks of working. The feeling of deciding whether we should save that money we just earned or, of course, blow it all in one day at the mall.
Recently, I have hit rock bottom with spending too much of my money. Like with most teenagers, I’m guessing, the number one culprit is food. It’s a defining moment where we decide we are so hungry that that one little trip to Sonic, McDonalds or Chipotle won’t hurt, or we decide to just wait a little until we get home.
SInce I’m lucky and my parents have helped me get a savings account since when I was little, I already have money saved up to spend in college.
I know, I know — money is too hard to get not to spend it.
Saving up has more benefits than just being able to use that money later.
The easiest way to save is to put part of your paycheck into an account.
With a savings account, you actually gain money day by day depending on the amount. It’s not much, but it adds up the more money you keep in there and after several years.
According to, on average, the total income of U.S. teens is 91.1 billion while the total U.S. teen spending is 208.7 billion.
The spending number should be less than the income number.
This is not the case and it should make all of us rethink our over-spending and save our money.