Fashionable for the fall: Q&A with students on summer trends, back-to-school clothes

Sally Cochran, Editor in Chief

What are you planning to wear for the first week of school?
Junior Abbie Piero: “I usually don’t wear a dress the first week of school. Usually I just wear cute shorts and a T-shirt, but I don’t wear like Nike shorts either. I wear something in between.”
Senior Shannon Dowling: “I’m going to probably wear a jean jacket with an Aubrey Hepburn T-Shirt and high-waisted shorts.”

What are your favorite summer trends?
AP: “I like all the fun prints like chevron, the cool aztec print, polka dots — I love polka dots.”
SD: “I’m into the hippie look, so, like, high-waisted shorts and skirts — trendy, chic things.”
Junior Ashleigh Tysick: “I like high-waisted shorts and regular V-necks.”

How do you get the most for your money?
AP: “I try to look for sales wherever they are. I don’t go to a certain place necessarily.” SD: “I try my best to do sales.”
AT: “I make the most out of my clothes. If I’ll wear it a lot, I’ll get it.”

Have you done any online shopping this summer?
AP: “I shop online at the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale because the deals are better online. I bought a dress, a pair of Toms and a bracelet.”
AT: “I ordered a pair of Toms off the Internet from a Pinterest link.”

Do boys go back-to-school shopping?
Junior Sam Reber: “Yes, I go shopping for clothes and shoes as well as supplies like binders and pencils and paper, etc.”
Sophomore Nathan McLain: “Yeah, I usually get one new back-to-school outfit.” Junior Luke Conners: “Nope, what’s the point of that? I don’t understand why
people do that ever.”
Sophomore Billiam Liu: “No, not really.”
Junior Ben Keling: “Not really, just for school supplies.” Junior Joel Thomas: “No, I just use what I have.” Junior Mark Ekis: “Not normally, no.”
Junior Cody Nelson: “No.”
Senior Sam Roselli: “Nope.”