Boots, Boots, Boots

The Hessian soldiers of Germany were the first to wear these high riding boots. They were worn during the time of the American Revolutionary War when traveling horseback. Nowadays, women wear these with almost anything — leggings, jeans, dresses, you name it. You can dress these boots up and dress them down.
Horseback riders still wear these today and they look almost exactly like the ones we would wear on an everyday basis.

Back in the day, cowboy boots were more than just a fashion statement. The high arches allowed more support to the foot and the small heel allowed a better grip for the foot on the stirrup. We used to associate these boots with the south or with ‘hicks.’ Now, you see almost every girl in them because it creates a classic and sweet look.

Uggs are most associated with comfort and were created in 1978. They were surprisingly created in California by Brian Smith. They are made out of sheepskin and most girls own a pair, whether they are knockoffs or not. A mix between warmth and comfort, Uggs started to go in style in the early 2000s and yjry are still popular with people today.

Combat boots originated in the military for men to wear to help them travel through any environment. They were also said to be deadly enough to be used as weapons. Within the past couple of years, combat boots have made a more modern and stylish impact on today’s society. Women and girls have started a trend to wear them as everyday boots. The style is edgy and is most popular with studs on them.