The Fresh Market: New Overland Park store offers variety of high-quality food


Rachel Cannon, Staff Writer

According to, the Food and Drug Administration allows up to 20 maggots in 100 grams of drained mushrooms, up to a 12 percent mold count in apple products and one rodent hair in 100 grams of peanut butter.
Before you write to your congressman in protest, you should check out The Fresh Market, a gourmet supermarket new to Overland Park.
The Fresh Market sells fresh, high-quality food from local, national and global producers.
I have to be honest. I love healthy food, but I’ve never been into the whole organic, fresh-off-the-farm idea. It just isn’t practical. No way am I going to drive all the way to some healthy foods store to pay a bunch for the same types of foods I could get at the grocery store four minutes from my house.
After going to The Fresh Market, though, I might have to change my mind.
The store gives a good impression right off the bat with wooden floors, European-style shelving, cute decor — even classical music.
And there are rows after rows of options — over 30 coffee ground flavors and blends, baked goods ranging from Heath-flavored cookies to Bundt cakes and a ton of trail mixes — just to name a few.
In short — it’s a chef’s paradise.
I, on the other hand, felt a little lost. I mean, what the heck is a pummelo anyway? (In case you’re wondering, a pummelo is the largest citrus fruit found in Asia and other regions — it is similar to a grapefruit, only it tastes sweeter, according to
Nevertheless, anyone who is willing to get out of their comfort zone could learn a lot by experimenting with all the exotic produce and ingredients.
Don’t get me wrong — I think anyone can enjoy The Fresh Market. Savvy shoppers can easily find the following necessities: lip balm, lunch for those on the go and a large smorgasbord of candy. (Importance not in that order.) Even my personal favorite, sushi, is available in cute, little arrangements. The Fresh Market also offers more traditional items such as frozen and canned goods and ice cream.
So, by now you’re probably thinking there must be some sort of catch.
And you might be right.
For the most part, The Fresh Market’s products are pretty pricey, but the reason The Fresh Market is special isn’t that it is really cheap — it’s that the food is high quality (and delicious).
Remember those maggots? Well, though I cannot promise you won’t find one of those on your plate, hopefully you have a better shot at sanitation shopping at The Fresh Market.