Disney Obsession: BV students’ love for Disney continues into high school


Maddie Davis, Co-Editor

There’s no denying it.
Disney is a classic part of childhood.
You can probably remember sitting on the couch under your favorite blanket with a bowl of popcorn, entranced by the Disney movie playing on the screen.
Or maybe you remember sitting down in your parents’ lap to read a Disney story.
And for some, it might be singing along to Disney music in the car until your parents took the CD out because it was driving them crazy.
For some high school students, their love of Disney has grown up with them. Freshman Grace Bamburg said she loves Disney.
“My favorite part of Disney is the old movies because they’re so cute and clever,” she said.
Sophomore Sarah Herzberg said she still listens to Disney music.
“My favorite Disney song is ‘Hakuna Matata’ from ‘The Lion King’ because I love that movie, and the song is just happy, positive and cute,” she said.
Herzberg said her love for Disney will never grow old.
“I’ll always love it because my future kids will listen to it, and then the music will take on a new meaning,” she said.
Both Bamburg and Herzberg said they thought high school students still like Disney because it brings back childhood memories.
“I think [high schoolers] still like it now because everything about [Disney] is just so happy, funny and brings back memories of when we were little,” Herzberg said.
Herzberg described her favorite Disney memory.
“I loved going to Disney World with my family,” she said. “It was an experience that I will never forget.”
Sophomore Erin O’Toole said she loves the movie “Aladdin.”
“My favorite character and villain are in that movie,” she said. “Jasmine is my favorite character because she has a pet tiger, and Jafar is my favorite villain because he has that creepy little beard.”
Bamburg said her favorite character is Belle.
“I love Belle because she doesn’t need a Prince Charming to fall in love with,” she said.
O’Toole said kids can learn lots of lessons from Disney.
“The most important lesson is that even if you’re a mermaid, your hair somehow still manages to stay perfect,” she said. “And also, of course, to always be yourself.”
The movies may seem a bit young, but O’Toole said they are aimed for all age groups.
“I don’t think the movies can ever get old,” she said.
Though Herzberg, O’Toole and Bamburg like different parts of the Disney collection, they all agreed on one thing — they’ll never grow out of it.