Urban Legends

Maddie Davis and Sheila Gregory, Staff Writers

Disclaimer: These are theories with little to no merit and often times created with no trace of sanity. But they have withheld the hands of time and are worth investigating. Here are the top craziest, creepiest and perhaps truest conspiracies.

Illuminati & Freemasons
Secret groups such as the Illuminati and Freemasons have been accused of plotting to create a New World Order, or basically, the creation of a one-world totalitarian government.
According to popular theories, the Illuminati already controls high-ranking positions in the government and one day plans to completely take it over.
With the apparent foretold rise of the Illuminati, religion will be abolished, scientific development will be suppressed and genocide will come about in certain countries that have people the Illuminati refer to as “useless eaters.”
Also — terrorist attacks will be planned and negotiated by the Illuminati and certain terrorist groups.
The Illuminati’s motto is “Out of chaos comes order,” or basically that somehow, anarchy is “disciplined.”
On a branch off the Illuminati theory, certain celebrities have been accused of being members of the group.
For example, Beyoncé is allegedly in the Illuminati because of hidden meanings in her song lyrics and the way she holds her fingers in the shape of a triangle.
There are two different theories about Eminem as well. One that he is being used by the Illuminati, and that he has become a symbol for them and helps them gain followers, or that he is working against the Illuminati by creating songs such as “Not Afraid” and “25 to Life.”
Other celebrities “in” the Illuminati are: Kayne West, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jim Carrey, Lebron James, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.
Now, on to the Freemasons. Simply put, they want the same thing as the Illuminati — to create a totalitarian government.
The Freemasons were made known to a vast amount of people through the popular film, “National Treasure.”
Even though that movie was obviously fictitious, there are conspiracies about the organization that are allegedly “real.”
Many theories about this organization exist, including that Freemasonry is an occult and worships evil power. This is very confusing because there are also some conspiracies that Freemasonry is a religious organization.
Yet, the goal of both these groups is to create a New World Order.

Pixar Theory
This theory isn’t just some wackjob who is finding nonexistent connections through the beloved Pixar movies — it was created by the Pixar company itself. Evidence points to the fact that all Pixar movies are existing in the same world. Starting in the dark ages with “Brave,” the witch provides magic allowing animals to have human characteristics. The effected animals interbreed, which is why they can talk in other movies. “Up’s” villain Charles Muntz creates technology to harness the animal’s power. We also see the beginning of an industrial revolution from Buy-N-Large here. This is the same technology that Syndrome uses in “The Incredibles” to kill the Supers. The new technology emits power radiation — which then gets absorbed by toys creating the plotline of “Toy Story.”  We see the intelligence and code of conduct the toys live by, and what happens when they are neglected by humans. Back to the technology. It gets too powerful, as shown in “Cars,” causing pollution and forcing humans to flee — “Wall-E.” But as seen in the credits of “Wall-E,” life returns to earth, resulting in “A Bug’s Life.” The “Monster’s Inc” species evolved and uses time travel through the doors to obtain their energy. Now, Boo knows of that future world and remembers the doors are used to time travel, bringing it back to “Brave,” where she is the witch who is trying to find Sully again. There are several pictures throughout the movies illustrating connections. The pizza car, originally from “Toy Story,” is featured in several other movies including a carving from “Brave.” Also from “Brave,” there is an engraved piece of wood resembling Sully. For the whole story, check out pixartheory.com.

Denver International Airport
This is perhaps the most plausible of all the conspiracies. The massive Denver International Airport (DIA) is, in essence, a depiction of the New World Order genocide plan, and the airport is made to house the important members of the Freemason Society. Crazy? Not quite. Several factors contribute to this idea of said lunacy. Let’s start with the fact the there did not need to be another airport for Denver, but they built one anyway. It was privately-funded, and the construction was more than $3 billion over-budget with no record of where the money went or why that much was needed to construct it.
The theory starts here: the extra money was used to create a high-tech military bunker beneath the airport connecting to our nation’s Capital to transport weapons and people. Originally, the plan was to have five separate buildings for DIA, but they were supposedly built wrong and ordered to be buried instead of destroyed. Among those buildings, there are also concrete tunnels with nothing but sprinkler heads — heads with no purpose seeing it is a bunker 150 feet below the ground made of concrete.
When driving towards the airport a shocking statue of a 30 foot, demonic horse of death with glowing red eyes greets you. On the opposite side of the airport, there is also an Anubis — the Egyptian god of the dead. There are several murals inside which show an evil Nazi soldier stabbing a dove and gassing the world, a young dead girl in a coffin, a cleansing fire sweeping out much of the population and the final desired New World Order of multi-racial harmony and “peace.” Beneath the mural with the soldier, there is a tile with a cart labeled “AU AG.” Now, one might assume that means gold and silver, but it is actually a very deadly strain of hepatitis, which one of the founders of the airport discovered, called Australia Antigen — AUAG — and could be used for biological warfare.
There is also a very obvious mention to the Freemasons in a stone engraving saying DIA was paid for by the “New World Airport Commission.” No such organization exists. On that same tablet, there is a notation about how, underneath it, there is a time capsule for the people of Colorado in 2094, insinuating the world will be drastically different in the future.
The runways clearly form the shape of a swastika when seen from the air, if everything else isn’t enough.
Now, you’re thinking that the Freemasons wouldn’t have put so many clues in plain sight if they wanted it to remain a secret organization, right?
Maybe we’ll just have to find out.

Déjà Vu
We’ve all had the strange feeling we’ve either experienced or seen an event before.
Usually it’s something we don’t think much of because there’s not much to it, right? However, what if there was something more to it?
Like, what if the same thing was happening in a parallel universe at the same exact time?
There are beliefs that state somehow the completion of the same activity happening in two parallel dimensions at the same time causes us to experience déjà vu.
Or, here’s another one — what if you’re remembering an event from a past life?
Some people who believe in reincarnation support this idea. The conspiracists claim that if you feel like something has happened before, it probably happened in your past life.
Other beliefs include that, apparently, déjà vu will be used for mind control in the future.
If doctors could somehow find a chemical that triggers déjà vu, it could be used as a weapon.
People have long and short-term memories. One part of the brain stores short-term memories, and one stores long-term memories.
Let’s say it was possible to control where a memory is stored. For example, a chemical could be found that causes a person’s memory to be immediately stored in long-term memory.
So then, a person is exposed to the chemical and then instructed to watch a video about a supposed mass genocide. It wouldn’t be something they would be likely to forget easily.
Then, after the video and after being exposed to the chemical, if they were asked what the movie was about, they would say that a long time ago, they knew something about a mass genocide.
Even though they had seen the video only 5 minutes ago, they would just think that it happened a long time ago.
So, theoretically, this supposed chemical that could control your memories and trigger déjà vu could be used to either make you “remember” something or forget something.
The most widely believed idea is that déjà vu occurs when there is a transmission delay in the optic nerve or that there is some sort of chemical imbalance in the brain.

And finally, just some food for thought: conspiracy theories are actually a conspiracy, and all conspiracy theorists are part of a group wanting to create paranoia and fear in the people so they can be easily manipulated.