Blue Valley Urban Dictionary

Gennifer Geer and Rachel Lock, Managing Editor and Entertainment Editor

APUSH: Literally, a push off the cliff of sanity into the pit that is Advanced Placement United States History.

Aux Gym: The Mini-Me of the regular-sized gym.

Band Hall: Also includes the somewhat estranged cousins of the band — choir and orchestra.

Bathroom Passes: “Get Out of Jail Free” cards.

BV Air Conditioning System: Polar Vortex wannabe.

“Can I have a piece of gum?”: The equivalent of walking up to a stranger and casually asking for a piece of his or her soul.

The Cages: Likely poltergeist residence.

Class Competition: A quest to answer the age-old question, “Who has the most school spirit?”, even though we “know” it’s always the seniors.

Fired Up: 1.) A common phrase used by Scotty B (see other entry) to indicate the need for students to amp up their enthusiasm.

2.) To describe the burning passion in your soul for Tiger Spirit.

Fixed Forum: Like ketchup, it goes well with anything.

“Freshmen are so annoying.”: Something all sophomores get really excited to say.

Fourth Lunch: That feeling when you see your waiter bringing out food, but it’s not yours. Then, he puts it in the back for a half-hour before remembering it actually is yours.

HELA: The awkward nickname for the class formerly known as CA that the subject gave itself.

Junior Pod: Like walking through molasses. With human-sized chunks. That have large backpacks.

Mechanical Pencils: Something you never actually buy — you just kind of get them off the floor.

Mobiles: BV trailer park.

No. 2 Pencils: Fond kindergarten memories…that the ACT is holding onto far too tightly.

“No Cell Phones” Policy: More ignored than the “Terms and Conditions” page.

PAC: Don’t call it “the pack.” Don’t.

Parking Lot: A place where cars are snug as a bug in a rug — with fender-benders.

School Center: The way teachers get away with giving way too much homework without causing a massive student uprising.

Scotty B: Our homie principal, broski. What, what?

Senior Study Hall: Exit Visa to an unknown, exotic location.

The Swim Unit: Social exploitation in its lowest form.

TCB: A half-hour in which you can be really productive or, as usual, not.

Tornado drills: A sardine simulation on the days when everyone seems to have forgotten to wear deodorant or have any semblance of personal hygiene at all.

Tradition: A really good reason to hate West.

Twitter: Definition blocked due to restricted content.

Windowless Classrooms: No sunlight indicating the passage of time.

Your Best Effort: Optional senior year.