Sweet Scents: Favorite Candle Scents

Courtney Carpenter, Co-Editor

Bourbon Butterscotch: Bath and Body Works

You simply cannot go wrong with butterscotch. Sugary, bold and rich, this candle will have the room smelling like a caramel candy factory. The aroma is almost as delicious as grandma’s homemade butterscotch blondies. Almost.

Warm Caramel Cider: White Barn

Smells like a sweet and savory fresh caramel apple. Best used while you’re wrapped up in wool blankets next to a fireplace and, of course, with a hot cup of spicy apple cider in hand. Don’t forget to bring a friend, sibling or pet to snuggle with.

Marshmallow Fireside: White Barn

Similar to a gooey marshmallow tinted with the faint smell of charcoaled wood. Accompanied best with a scary story, a fire pit and chocolate on graham crackers. Disclaimer: Cannot use this candle for actual campfire.

Pumpkin Cupcake: Bath and Body Works

If you could taste a scent, this would be the one to pick. Thick, strong pumpkin swirls in the background of the aroma with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar overlying. Pair it with your favorite vanilla or coffee-based drink for the complete pumpkin sensory experience.

Leaves: Bath and Body Works

Crunchy, fresh and musky, this candle can flash you back to younger years — jumping in leaf pilesyour dad just raked, gazing up at the tree branches and enjoying the changing colors of fall. Best used while looking out the window on a rainy day.