BV Staff’s Thoughts on Pop Music

BV Staff’s Thoughts on Pop Music

Photos courtesy of MCT Campus.

Makayla Nicholis and Meredith Strickland, Staff Writers

If you had to listen to one of the following nonstop for an entire road trip, which artist or band would you choose?

Please no: 44%

Taylor Swift: 33%

One Direction: 13%

Miley Cyrus: 6%

Justin Bieber: 2%

Nicki Minaj: 2%


63% really dislike Justin Bieber

50% really dislike Miley Cyrus

38% really dislike Nicki Minaj


77 percent prefer Taylor Swift over Selena Gomez


67 percent prefer One Direction over 5 Seconds of Summer


Which concert would you prefer going to?

Maroon 5: 83%

Ariana Grande: 8%

Nicki Minaj: 6%

Justin Bieber: 4%


56% actually enjoy Maroon 5

52% actually enjoy Taylor Swift

15% actually enjoy One Direction


“When on road trips with my wife, if we use her phone for music, I am forced to listen to hours of Taylor Swift. But don’t worry, I have learned to ‘Shake It Off.’”

— Social Studies teacher Adam Bien


“Pop culture is an embarrassment. Bring back the ‘60s and ‘70s!”

— School Psychologist Julie Seitter


“What happened to good ol’ rock & roll? Guess I’m showing my age!”

Receptionist Denise McGillivray


“I’m 55. Ask me about the Rolling Stones!”

Math teacher Kate Julian


“I can tolerate some of this maybe for one hour at a time. An entire day is a little extreme. Would I get paid?”

— Paraprofessional Diana Huber