The life of a singer

Deni Burns, Fall 2014 J1 Student

Most teens spend a significant amount of time listening to music in their day-to-day lives,” according to

Junior Anna Arends has been getting attention from regional musical enthusiasts.

“I started singing when I was 4,” Arends said.

When Arends was a child, she said her parents put her through music program called “Kinder Music,” which is where she got started singing.

“I really had to decide if singing was going to be my thing for the rest of my life in seventh grade,” Arends said. “I was a super competitive swimmer and singer, and my schedule was becoming too full to do both.”

Arends said she had to make a decision on whether she wanted to become a swimmer or singer, but something had changed her mind and she knew immediately she wanted to pursue singing.

“What made me choose singing was having my first lead role as Annie in “Annie Get Your Gun,” the musical. I loved it too much to quit,” Arends said.

Arends said she comes from a musical family.

“My grandmother, uncle, cousin, all of my mom’s sides, and my mom, dad, brother, and sister are all accomplished and talented performers,” she said.

Arends said her support system seems to be readily available to her.

“My mother and father have always been so supportive and continue to be,” Arends said. “My mother especially pushes me to be the best I can.”

Arends said she has performed multiple places locally and internationally.

“I have performed the National Anthem at a Sporting KC game,” Arends said.” I have also performed concerts in Paris and Strasbourg, France, and Lucerne, Switzerland.”

Additionally, Arends said she spends time locally participating in an organization known as the Allegro Choirs of Kansas City.

“Allegro has taken me to places I thought I could never reach on my own,” Arends said.

According to, since its creation in 2000, Allegro has grown from a choir of 38 singers to 200 singers in five different ensembles. Drawn from across the Kansas City metro area, Allegro singers come from private, public and home-schooled environments.

“As a result of being a part of Allegro, I have performed for the past five years at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center in downtown Kansas City,” Arends said.

Kauffman Performing Arts Center is said to be the new Carnegie Hall, according to the March 2011 edition of “Entertainment Weekly” magazine.

Arends said she also credits many professional artists for her success thus far.

“Artist’s like Ingrid Michaelson, Adele, Ed Sheeran and so many others give me creative ideas that help shape my music,” she said.

Arends said she enjoys listening to a variety of music such as punk rock, rap, hip hop, jazz and opera. She said she likes to listen to other other artists to help inspire her writing.

“I listen to how the artists expresses their lyrics, and it helps me phrase my songs to be less cheesy,” Arends said.

Arends is a three-year member of the Blue Valley choir program.

“A typical day in choir is that we start with warm ups for 10 to 15 and five minutes of announcements.” Arends said. “Also, 10 to 15 minutes of learning and practicing pieces for a concert.” She said she really enjoys participating in choir because its so much fun.

When it comes to concerts in choir or performing by herself she says she loves to perform anywhere and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

“I hardly ever get nervous. I sometimes do when I’m in front of peers because i don’t want to embarrass myself.” Arends said.

She has had lots of experience with singing in front of crowds, the large crowds don’t affect her anymore.

According to music is often an outlet for teens and a way for them to express and explore emotions they are uncomfortable talking about.

“I don’t know what i would do without music, i love it so