Perfect Dates

Charlotte Rooney, Opinion Editor

Whether you’re day-dreaming or trying to find a good date idea for your significant other, these “perfect” date ideas will work for any couple.


The Girls: 

“I would really like it if we went to an arcade and could play old school arcade games, and we could watch a children’s movie marathon. I don’t want to be too serious when I’m on a date with a guy that I really like. I’m definitely not a serious person, and I just want to be able to be myself.”

— sophomore Sydney Neal 

“My perfect date would be going to a drive-in movie on a really nice night under the stars and just [staying] up all night. We could watch old movies and eat popcorn and candy. Chinese take-out would also be nice.”

— sophomore Erika Lobo 

“This isn’t cute or extravagant, but honestly, lying around with ice cream, just laughing and having a good time is a perfect date. For me, it’s not where we are or what’s happening — just being with the person is enough.”

— junior Cassidy Lee 

“Driving in the morning, watching the sunrise and going off the beaten path. I imagine a picnic on the beach, and it would be a rainy day, but we wouldn’t care and we would just have fun on the beach.”

— freshman Molly Harrigan


The Guys: 

“Getting ice cream and just hanging out. Watching Netflix and cuddling or just being with her. We don’t even have to do anything.”

— sophomore Joey Bartsch 

“It would start off with her picking me up in her dope cherry-red Lambo. We would cruise to the restaurant, get our food and talk about our dreams. She pays. On our way back to the crib, we would race a police car. Upon getting home, we would watch Netflix.”

— senior Joel Thomas 

“I think going to a nice, sit-down restaurant for dinner and then going to a movie or something would be nice. Something that both people are interested in is a good date, so that both people can have a good time together and can enjoy the other’s company.”

— junior Alex Lentfer 

“Watching an action movie and eating junk food and Almond Joys and just hanging out.”

— freshman Garin McKenna


Ideas for Singles: 

If you don’t have anyone to pay for your dinner or go to a movie with, here are some cheap ideas you can do with friends or by yourself.

Make some popcorn and have candy ready. On Valentine’s Day night you’ll be re-watching “American Horror Story.” You can either scream by yourself or have some friends nearby to cling to.

Chipotle is acceptable no matter how single you are. Get your burrito, and get out of there. Then, begin watching “The Notebook” in the comfort of your home in sweatpants. Moms are welcome.

Ice skating on a chilly February night never gets old. Bring family or friends, and prepare to indulge in plenty of hot chocolate. Your feet will ache, but you can rest in the restaurants nearby.

Your whole family is out on dates and you’re the only single friend, but your dog still loves you. Order a large pizza, and let your dog up on the couch. He will completely understand the romance going on in the movie.

Your friends are single with you, and you’ve decided to have them over. Turn the oven to 350 degrees, and put Valentine’s Day cookies in for approximately 12 minutes. Take them out, let cool and rip them in half.