A Band Who’s ‘Not Like the Others’

The Foo Fighters rock the Sprint Center, deliver fantastic performance

A performance in Sweden left Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl with a broken leg.  Continuing not only the show but also the tour, the rock band who has been around for 20 years shook the Sprint Center in addition to warding off the Westboro Baptist Church preceding the concert Friday, August 21.  “Rick Rolling” the church by blasting Rick Astley’s hit (that has gained recent popularity merely for the practice of hacking computers to play the music video at high volumes), the Foo Fighters reprised their 2011 counter-protest at the same venue to once again cover up the group’s message.

The band went on to play an intense show, filled with their hits and even drummer Taylor Hawkins taking the mic to cover Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”.  A few B-sides were included in the mix, including Grohl’s performance of “Skin and Bones” accompanied by himself on guitar and keyboardist Rami Jaffee on accordion.

Incendiary performances of hits from their new album “Sonic Highways” were nearly overshadowed by performances of their earlier hits, sung along to by the adoring crowd. Grohl’s injury did little to impede the show and fantastic performances were given by every band member.

Royal Blood opened with amazing sound, especially considering drums, vocals, and guitar are all that make up the English rock duo. Their ability to pump up the crowd got everyone ready for the headliner while also delivering an intriguing performance in itself.  

The Foo Fighters’ stage energy is unmatched in the music world and their music has transcended the ages despite past critics’ view of their tunes as hackneyed. Their dedication to the fans and to putting on a traditional rock show demonstrates that they remain unchanged in the age of pop and rap music. Improvised classic rock covers, playful crowd banter, a happy birthday sang for the production manager and even an impersonation of the Swedish EMT who tended Grohl’s leg kept fans on their toes and made this an extremely memorable live music experience.

For a band who does not take themselves too seriously and who can put on a great show despite any setback, catch the Foo Fighters next time they are in town. Whether it be protests or a broken fibula, this band is sure to tackle any problem for the fans and for the sake of rock n’ roll.