Underclassman In The Spotlight

Sophomore steals mainstage role

Lily Cordes, Fall 2015 J 1 Student

Sophomore Lillian Thompson auditioned for this year’s mainstage play, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940,” and a few days after her audition, she gained a role in the show. Not only did she get the part with her first main stage audition, but she is also the only underclassman in the show. “I didn’t expect a role since I’m an underclassman,” Thompson said. “I wanted more experience in auditions and I wanted a role, but I wasn’t expecting to get cast, let alone [be] the only underclassman.” Being a sophomore, Thompson said rehearsals get hard sometimes since she doesn’t know many of the juniors and seniors. “It’s a little difficult since I don’t know any of them super well, but I’m getting there,” Thompson said. “I look up to all of them because they’re all so good at what they do, and I’ve always wanted to work with at least one of them.” Thompson said she admired junior Kailey Meacham the most out of all the upperclassmen. “I’ve known her for a pretty long time, and it was really cool to see her blossom into a great actress,” Thompson said. “She is good at finding funny things in the script as well as finding a strong character.” Meacham said she was excited about Thompson being in the show. “All of the upperclassmen think it’s really cool that Lillian made the mainstage as a sophomore,” Meacham said. “I don’t think we treat her any differently aside from helping her learn all the ropes of her first mainstage show.” With a mix of juniors and seniors and one sophomore, Meacham said things can be different for each individual member. “I think you’re more comfortable when you’re an upperclassman because you’ve been in shows before, and you know everyone else in the cast.” Meacham said. Thompson said how she’s been interacting with the cast as the show has progressed. “They are all super welcoming, and that made me feel more comfortable,” Thompson said. “Everything is taken more seriously and there is a heck of a lot more character work. The overall atmosphere is very professional.” Thompson also said she was surprised with the overall importance of her role in the show. “I have a good amount of lines,” Thompson said. “I really like my role, especially for my first mainstage [performance].” Thompson also shared her excitement about the upcoming show. “I’m pretty proud of myself,” Thompson said. “It was a huge confidence booster. I’m happy to be in this show, especially with this cast.” The mainstage show is Nov. 12-14. “I love being in the show — I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time,” Thompson said. “I definitely recommend coming to see it.” IMG_4246-3