Former boyband star embarks on solo career

Hope Brown, Features Editor

Remember the boy band phenomenon The Wanted?

The one who enjoyed minimal success before foolishly engaging in a war of words with pop nemesis One Direction?

After their failed attempt at diminishing 1D’s stardom, The Wanted disappeared in humiliation, never to be seen or heard from again.

Except for now.

In July 2015, former The Wanted band member Nathan Sykes released his debut single, “Kiss Me Quick.”

Despite the inaccurate grammar in the title, “Kiss Me Quick” diverges from the typical boy-band sound and reflects Sykes’s break from his former claim to fame.

Instead of an unoriginal pop single, Sykes showcases his vocal range with the jazz-inspired single. Full of trumpets, saxophones and an unmistakable beat, this song is a unique spin for the former pop star. Sykes wishes to break away from his boyish persona and reinvent himself.

However, the tune is still as catchy as a pop ballad. “Kiss Me Quick” has already been played on the radio, and it reached the number one spot on the US Dance Clubs Song chart.

Sykes said he wrote the song because he is an awful flirter and needed confidence to approach a crush. With lyrics such as “Put your lips right here/Then your body will follow” and “Put your hands on my face/Don’t worry about tomorrow” Skyes teases his crush and listeners. His swoopy hair and hazel eyes increase the appeal of the song.

Sykes’ leap into a successful independent solo career begins with the release of “Kiss Me Quick.” However, if he will crash and burn like his former band is yet to be determined.