How to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution

Lydia Hsu, Staff Writer


Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new start. You think to yourself that unlike last year, you will accomplish your new year’s resolution, instead of slowly forgetting about it after only a few days into the year.

To help achieve your new year’s goal, here are a couple tips for the common resolutions.


Eating Healthy

  1. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are naturally low in calories. Also, eating more of theses nutritional foods can help reduce risk of diseases, like heart disease and high blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals, and overall an important part of a healthy diet, so adding more fruit and veggies are important.   


  1. Snack Smart

Snacking smart is important for maintaining a healthy diet. A lot of people think that a “little something” can be chips or some kind of a dessert. However, the snack that you choice can influence your body. Instead of eating chips, try yogurts or almond nuts, as long as it helps your body. Even though a snack is “something little” it can make in impact, so snack smart.

  1. Eat by the Clock

Eating by the Clock is also an important part in eating healthy. A lot of people have three big meals a day — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, instead of eating three big meals it is a good idea to eat when your body’s hungry not when your mind is hungry. Typically when people wait 4-5 hours or longer to eat, they tend to overeat, so instead of eating specifically three meals a day just eat when your body is hungry.


  1. Go Natural

Natural foods are always the best way to go when trying to eat healthy. Because natural foods are more organic and have fewer chemicals/unhealthy ingredients, it is better for the body and your diet. Shopping for all-natural foods can be difficult, but Whole Foods Market is a great place to help encourage eating natural foods.  


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Exercise More/ Fitness

  1. Exercise in Small Amounts

Instead of spending an hour a day going to the gym, try exercising in small amounts — for instance, 30 minutes of ab workouts or even 5 minutes of sit-ups. The time might not seem like a lot but if you exercise in small increments throughout the day it will benefit you more than going to the gym for an hour or so.


  1. Make Your Home a Fitter Place

A lot of people have very busy schedules nowadays, and not a lot of people don’t have time to exercise. So, to exercise more, try making your home/room a fitter place. For instance, cleaning up an area in your home/room to have space to do small workouts. By making your home/room more fitter, it will be easier to encourage yourself to exercise.


  1. Track Your Steps

When you are exercising, it is a good idea to keep track of how long you have exercised and how many sets you accomplished. In doing so, you will be able to track your progress and see the results at the end. Keeping track of your steps is a great way to encourage you to exercise more.


  1. Listen To Music

Listening to music while you exercise is a good idea. Because music stimulates the brain, it helps you focus on exercising and getting the workout done. Also by listening to music, it will help you exercise to beat which will get you into the rhythm of your workout.  


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Get Better Grades

  1. Study a Little Bit Everyday

Studying a little bit everyday is a good plan in order to get better grades. By taking your class work day by day, you won’t be as stressed when it comes to take the test since you have taken the time to learn the material. So, instead of cramming what you learn into one day, spread it out.


  1. Ask Questions/Volunteer Answers in Class

To help get better grades, make sure you ask questions in class when you don’t understand the material being presented by the teacher. By taking time to really understand what you are learning will help your grades. Along the same note is a good idea to also volunteer your answers during class so you know that you truly understand the material.


  1. Finish Assignments on Time

Finishing assignments on time is very important in getting good grades. By turning in your work on time, it will help you stay on top of the class instead of getting behind. Assignments are important because it “tests” you on whether or not you know the material and it shows you what you need to continue to work on. finishing assignments on time is important.


  1. Study in a Chair

A lot of people study in their beds; however, that will not benefit your grades because your brain is trained/use to sleep when you are on our bed. So, instead study in a chair, whether that is at your desk or at the kitchen table. Also since at school students sit in chairs, it is a good idea to get use to the environment.


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