Into the Spirit

Favorite holiday movies summarized, reviewed

Hope Brown, Features Editor

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Year released: 1967

Summary: The Grinch lives on a hill overlooking Whoville with his dog, Max. As Whoville prepares for a lavish Christmas, the Grinch attempts to stop the holiday from happening by dressing as Santa Claus and stealing all traces of Christmas cheer. His two-sizes-too-small heart is tested when the Whos wake on Christmas morning to a town devoid of decorations and presents.

Review: This classic Christmas movie will warm your heart while you sip on steaming hot cocoa. Your emotions will range from anger at the Grinch’s evil ways to sympathy when he becomes a more caring person. Although old, the movie still captures the meaning of the season and puts you in a giving mood.


Fallen Angel

Year released: 2003

Summary: When main character Terry was young, he experienced a traumatic accident which forever changed the lives of his loved ones. Fast-forward twenty years, and now, after the death of his father, Terry returns to his childhood home. Forced to confront the past, Terry uncovers secrets and even finds love.

Review: Although largely unknown, this movie is one of the best holiday traditions. You’ll probably cry at the beginning, and the depressing mood travels throughout the rest of the movie. However, most every holiday movie has a happy ending — including this one — and a sprinkle of romance.


It’s a Wonderful Life

Year released: 1946

Summary: After George suffers a financial crisis, he is contemplating suicide. However, angels step in and alter the course of George’s life, showing him what the world would be like if he hadn’t been born. Through the journey, George is reminded of the reasons he’s alive and how he really has a wonderful life.

Review: Even if you don’t like old movies, give this one a try. It’s a feel-good, thought-provoking film that makes you happy to be alive. The tears will flow freely, but the romance will give you tingles. This movie is so much deeper than any other holiday movie, and it’ll leave you feeling thankful for everything you’re blessed with.



Year released: 2003

Summary: Towering over his friends at the North Pole, Buddy the elf has never quite fit in. After Santa reveals Buddy is adopted, Buddy’s devastated. He leaves the North Pole to set off on a journey to find his biological family and gets into mischief on the way.

Review: Although this movie is sweet, the performance by Will Ferrell is atrocious. He’s unconvincing in his role as an elf, and his fake-dumb attitude isn’t believable. There are funny moments throughout the movie, but overall, it really misses the mark as a holiday comedy favorite.