Chocolate Devotions

Affordable chocolate options for your significant other, yourself on Valentine’s Day

Dove Silky Smooth Heart Promises Milk Chocolate:

Stars: 4.2/5

Price: $3

Review: This soft, smooth chocolate has the perfect blend of texture and flavor. The brand delivers on its promises of “silky smooth chocolate” as its decadent texture blends into your palate. Dove offers a variety of flavors and contains hidden quotes in the wrapper. Overall a win for flavor, texture, and price.


Ferrero Rocher:

Stars: 4.4/5

Price: $11-20 depending on size

Review: These truffles are a great balance between crunchiness and creaminess. With a crunchy wafer coating on the outside and hazelnut in the center to the creamy hazelnut cream on the inside, it’s sure to make any person swoon. So whether you are giving this to someone else or getting some for yourself, this is sure to complete the night on a happy note.


Godiva Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gift Box:

Stars: 4.7/5

Price: $36

Review: When you have a little extra cash and want to spoil your special someone or yourself, this is the sure way to go. Godiva can do no wrong with it amazing chocolate that melts right in your mouth. It’s rich flavor and texture makes it one of the most popular chocolate for any occasion.


Lindt’s Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles:

Stars: 3.9/5

Price: $15

Review: This chocolate is the epitome of “velvety goodness”. The truffles are soft and  luscious, though it does feel a little heavy after eating a couple of them. Very rich in texture and flavor, and perfect for a little splurge for yourself, though I would not suggest giving them to someone else as they are a bit on the piquant side.


Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares:

Stars: 2.2/5

Price: $5

Review: Not one of my favorites at all. I expected so much more from all of the recommendations I got for it, but I really didn’t enjoy the flavor it left in my mouth. The flavor of the caramel was not “gooey” as they promise on the package, and it left a weird aftertaste behind. The flavors did not work cohesively together and did not have the smooth texture the others had. Overall a big disappointment and not worth wasting your money on them.