Paw-Pular Pets

Dogs share personality, physical traits of humans





This breed isn’t a purebred, but it’s recognized as a “designer dog.” This breed is independent and intelligent due to it’s poodle genetics. This dog can be very high-energy and alert, but also has the chance to bark a lot or be disruptive.






Bichon-Poodle Mix

This breed is usually around 20 or 25 pounds. This mix needs a high activity level and receives intellect from both parents. Bichon-Poodles are typically easy to train and have soft, curly fur ranging from white to black in color.








Lab-Hound Mix

This breed is highly trainable and smart. They are alert and have an acute sense of smell. They have friendly, affectionate personalities. These dogs are usually low to the ground with large ears and have a long, powerful nose. They usually have tan to black colored hair that is short and straight.








Siberian Husky

This breed is known for its distinct markings and alert personality. Huskies are very friendly, active, and exuberant dogs. These dogs do need training and patience, so it may not be for everyone. 









Golden Doodle

Both Retrievers and Poodles are extremely active and alert dogs. This breed is independent and instinctual, but very trainable as well. Retriever-Poodle mixes are usually larger in size compared to a purebred Retriever. Their hair is curly and ranges from caramel to brown.









Labs are similar to retrievers in both physicality and personality. Labs are high energy and outgoing dogs, but very gentle and even tempered. These dogs are yellow, brown or black with short, coarse hair. They have a similar build to a retriever, with long snouts and medium length












This breed is known for its aggression, but they are actually friendly, affectionate and obedient animals. They can be stubborn and strong-willed but are very intelligent. Pitbulls have large faces with prominent cheekbones. They have smiling mouths and stout, strong bodies.










These dogs are incredibly energetic and happy. They are constantly wiggling and wanting to play. Puggles have a keen and watchful eye and are very intelligent. Puggles are low to the ground with long legs. They can have fur ranging from light tan to a medium brown. The face is distinguished by a black muzzle.