Different Interpretations of Valentine’s Day

Different Interpretations of Valentine’s Day

Lydia Hsu, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day can be interpreted and celebrated in two different ways.

The first way is geared towards specifically for couples. February 14, for them, is the day to show their love and appreciation towards each other. Couples absolutely love this day because it consists of flowers, chocolates and fancy dinners.

The second way is geared towards the single people. February 14, for the single people, is the day they dread the most because it reminds them of their “no-relationship status.” This day for them typically involves kleenex and a night in (including movies).

However, I don’t understand why people interpret this day any specialer or different. Everyday you should show the people that you care about that you love them through the little things. Yes, Valentine’s Day is “the day” to be more extravagant with gifts, but it’s not necessary. Just because you receive a dozen roses and a giant teddy bear that day doesn’t mean you are loved more than the day before. It’s a sweet gesture, but it isn’t necessary. People who need to be showered in gifts to know that others love and care for them is kind of childish.

To be honest, why would you want a giant teddy bear? The teddy bear would probably end up sitting in your room taking up space and slowly collecting dust while you bury it under clothes. Same with the the dozens and dozens of roses. They are roses — they won’t last forever and they will die within a week. Personally, I would rather have small gestures each day than have one day showered with everything I don’t really need.

Also Valentine’s Day seems forced. In today’s society people take Valentine’s Day as something you have to celebrate with your significant other, but why? Why do you have to go eat a fancy dinner and give each other presents? It should be just another day.

Everyone has mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day. Couples love them and singles don’t, but people should just look at it as another date in the calendar.