June 17


Alli Williams , co-editor in chief

I really like food — not so much in that quirky! way — but more like in the way that it is an essential for human life and is also a lot of fun to experiment with.

Last June I made the decision to become a vegetarian after watching the documentary Food Inc. (but mostly as result of living with my older brother for 18 years who had personally decided to take on the lifestyle while in kindergarten trying to impress a girl, and though I’m not sure it worked, he decided to stick with the decision for life.)

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to string on about the choice to try to convince you into making the same decision or anything — though I do suggest looking into the diet if you’re interested — but becoming a vegetarian was a very transformative change for me in the way I see food. It made me more aware of what I was putting into my body and where everything was coming from.

This only fueled my interest in food. Going from baking myself a treat once or twice a month to cooking most of my own meals required a lot of hours watching tutorial videos, searching for recipes and having to eat a lot of really gross foods which fell tragedy to fatal cooking mistakes.

So now here I am with my own food blog to share with the world — or at least the four high school students who mistakenly click on an article — some of my cooking experiments that go right.

Everything I make is at least vegetarian, sometimes vegan and always delicious. And never fear, diehard meat eaters, I’ll try to give recipes with herbivorous variations where I can.