The bvhs tigerette dance team

What is new this year?

Sydney Wallick, fall 2016 j1 student

What is new this year for the bvhs tigerette dance team? “We have committees,which we’ve never had before, we have fitness fridays, and I like how the whole team has a lot more say when it comes to what we wear and other things like that,” said senior dance captain Maggie Draper. The dance team will be taking part in numerous events this year such as football games, soccer games, basketball games, assemblies, tiny tigerettes, spring show, competitions and many more. “I thought it was going to be a cool experience to experience dancing with all these different people and meeting upperclassmen, and just to have a good high school experience and to get involved,” freshman Sydney Scott said. The dance team has practice 1st hour every day except Thursday, and some occasional 7 a.m. practices. Their morning practices consist of them warming up, going over routines, reviewing sidelines, learning new choreography, talking over important information and meeting with their committees. So far the dance team has a pom dance, rockshow, a hip hop, numerous sidelines, and many more to come. Both Draper and Scott said their favorite sideline is Samba because it’s fun to move to, and Draper’s favorite dance so far is hip hop. “[Dance team] makes me feel like I’m apart of something at school. On dance team it’s something where you can say ‘Yeah I’m apart of that,’” Draper saidscreen-shot-2016-09-22-at-2-14-36-pm