17 Years of BV Cheer

Will this be the best yet?

Sadie Myer, Staff Writer

Blue Valley has had a cheer program ever since the school was founded, over 30 years ago. But as we can all agree, once Coach Michelle Wirt came into the program, nothing was the same.

Coach Wirt has been head coach of BV Cheer for 16 years, and this is going to be her 17th. “I’ve loved every second of it. Even when times got hard or I fought with the girls it was always worth it in the long run and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.”

I believe that the long stretch of Michelle’s time here says a lot about the program and her commitment to something so competitive. So I decided to go back a couple years, and interview former cheerleader, Aubrey Myer, and see what her experience was like all 4 years on the team.

Almost anyone you ask will agree that it seems as though Coach Wirt has truly found her place in life, and that the program wouldn’t be the same if someone else was leading it. Aubrey agreed, “For sure not, [Michelle] has been the heart and soul of this program for so long I don’t think anybody could take her place. You can just tell she loves what she’s doing.”

There are so many components to being a high school cheerleader that are difficult to see from the outside looking in.

Including, cheering at 3 different sports of all ages, competitions, pep assembly routines, halftime or quarter stunts, outside fundraisers like the Price Chopper Block Party or our car wash, the Little Girls Clinic, and most of all the relationships they get to form because they are a part of this award winning team.

Michelle included, said, “Over the years I have bonded with those at NCA, our choreographer Shawn, coaches at other Blue Valley schools, my co-coaches here at BV, and of course the amazing friendships I have made with my cheerleaders. They make this appear to be a family, and anything but a job. I am so blessed.”

The cheerleaders are able to make some amazing connections too while going through the program. Aubrey said, “I miss my high school friends that I made both in and out of cheer. I think I took advantage over time of being able to see the people I loved every single day. Cheering made it even easier to build friendships just because I could see them all so often.”

I was curious as to what the girls find the most joy in while being a cheerleader here. Obviously the answers are going to vary, but here is what Aubrey had to say. “[I] Definitely miss the football games and the anticipation of finding out whether we get to go to state.”

State is a huge deal for both the football team, and the cheerleaders. “Besides our nationals in Dallas, Texas, when we get the chance to go to state, that is the farthest we get to travel as a team for a game. We have to spend hours on end in a bus eating sack lunches and watching movies. It definitely brings us closer, physically and emotionally.” Michele stated, while reminiscing all the amazing memories she has made at state games over the years.

Since 2010, BV Cheer has had Aubrey on their team for all 4 years of her high school career, and her younger sister has been on for 3 now. But they never actually got to cheer together. Do they wish they would have had that opportunity? Considering they’re practically best friends, I would assume so. “Yes it would have been fun for sure. We both loved it so much so I know we would have enjoyed it even more together.”

If you get the opportunity to chat with a cheerleader, never doubt that they are very busy people. But, they love it. “Embrace every second of it because it seriously goes so fast.” Aubrey stated, missing it all. screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-9-13-00-am