Olivia Haley, Fall 2016 J1 Student

Imagine it — the stage lights, the sound of applause all around, the smell of hard work and dedication lingers in the air, and in just an hour and a half you have been able to captivate an entire audience.

That is what it feels like for all the students that participate in the school play. Most of them juniors and seniors but there is also a freshman in the cast — Matthew Grigoratos.

“I was very surprised when I saw i had gotten one of the leading roles considering I’m a freshmen and usually the upperclassmen get the more serious roles and characters because they typically have more experience.”

He was very proud that he was already accomplishing something so large in the theater department  and he’s only a freshmen. It pretty amazing.

“When I told my friends they were all so happy for me and they have been very supportive of me — they are pretty rad friends.”

The crew has spent a lot of time preparing and creating

“The crew does some rad stuff they help us with costumes, and like costumes to wear, they also give us tech stuff which is very important. And super rad.”

The play this year is called “Completely Hollywood Abridged.”

All of the actors and actresses play multiple characters because it is about a bunch of kids making a movie. The person in charge of picking out the play and people that play the characters is theater teacher Jeff Yarnell. Yarnell has also mentored Grigoratos throughout the play. And has made it easy for matthew to become friends with the older kids in the play.

One of Grigoratos friends freshmen Sarah Gulladge talked about how excited she was for him

“When I found out he had gotten the part I was so happy for him! I gave him lots of hugs.”

He isn’t able to hang out after school but he is still able to keep up with his friends through technology and tiger Spot light please

Blue valley students talk about this year’s play

it’s not the same but it works.”

“I think this year the play will be amazing and that everyone should go see it.”