Last-Ditch Study Tips

Melanie White, Photographer

It’s the day before your AP Nuclear Physics final, and you haven’t even glanced at your notes since the last unit test. You might have plans to hunker down and study all night — or maybe not — but either way, here are some tips that will help you ace your final.

Put your phone away — yep, put it away. Slide it under your bed, give it to a parent — whatever you do make it hard to get to. If being without your phone for a few hours horrifies you, download an app like “SelfControl”, which will block certain apps for a period of time you decide.

Get started — it’s true — getting started is truly the worst part of studying. Whether the thought of studying stresses you out, or Netflix just released the newest season of Fuller House — just doing one question of your review or even reading a bullet point will get you started and encourage you to study more.

Rewrite your notes – Not word for word, but really pare them down to the bare bones of what you’re trying to say.

Study out of order – by studying out of order you pull the information out of the context you originally learned it in and add more associations to it. That way you’ll be able to recall it easier in a stressful testing environment. (Not recommended for history.)

Teach someone else – by teaching someone else the material you are studying you gain a more complete understanding of the information.

Make word associations to help you remember – and the funnier, the better. Gay-Lussac’s Law sounds a lot like Gary Lezak, and if that helps you recalled the information, more power to you.

Watch videos – from “Crash Course” to “Khan Academy” there are hundreds of videos out there, made specifically to help you master a topic. Use them! Listening to another person teach the material will help you create more connections to the lesson and understand it more thoroughly.