Kansas City Caffeine

Local shops, cafés attract avid coffee fans


Courtney Carpenter and Ifrah Sayyada

When you want to catch up with a friend…


Black Coffee: ($2.17) not very bitter, slightly thick, strong espresso taste

Brookside Bob: ($4.38) strong mint and chocolate, minimal espresso, thick

Ambiance: tight space but spread out, mostly indoor, quiet area

When you want to relax…


Black Coffee: ($2.19) sweet, slightly bitter, thin

Vanilla Bean Latte: ($3.80) silky, smooth like satin, light espresso, perfect sweetness, light foam

Ambiance: crammed, mostly outdoor seating (for warmer days)

When you want to study/be alone…


Black Coffee: ($2.04) strong taste, bitter

Carmelicious: ($4.42) sweet, caramel, espresso flavors

Ambiance: secluded areas, comfy seats, quiet area

When you want to meet new people…


Black Coffee: ($2.49) foamy, watery, weakest flavor (not very bitter)

Mexican Mocha: ($4.29) unique taste, chocolate and spice, not overpowering

Ambience: very artsy, lots of paintings, loud music, artists working

When you want to travel a little farther: 

•Quay (Kansas City River Market)

•Blackdog (Lenexa)

•Filling Station Coffee (Old Westport)

•Thou Mayest (Crossroads District)

•Oddly Correct (Midtown Westport)

•Second Best Coffee (Leawood)

•A Cup on the Hill (Riverview)