The Super Bowl for Dummies

Everything you need for a perfect party!


Megan Hegarty, Co-Editor

The Basics

Let’s say the Patriots are on offense and have the ball. The Falcons are on defense.

The Patriots have three guaranteed plays (called downs) to go forward 10 yards. If the Patriots go at least 10 yards, they get a first down and earn a new set of three downs. The Patriots keep going toward the Falcons’ endzone until they don’t get a first down or score.

If the Patriots don’t make it after three downs, they have to make a decision for fourth down — they can either go for it, punt the ball downfield or kick a field goal. If the Patriots don’t get the first down after going for it or miss the field goal, the Falcons get the ball right where the offense failed on fourth down. If the offense punts, the ball goes downfield where a Falcons player is waiting to catch it.


Touchdown: 6 points

After the touchdown the offense can either kick an extra point (1 point), or try to run or pass into the end zone (2 points).

Field Goal: 3 points

The offense kicks the football through the goal posts.

Safety: 2 points

The defense tackles the offense in the offenses’ end zone, so the defense scores.


• 2017 NFC champions

• The Falcons are led by quarterback Matt Ryan, who has made the Pro Bowl 4 times in the 9 years that he has been in the league, had 4,944 yards in the regular season.

• The Falcons’ number-one receiver is Julio Jones, who had 1,409 receiving yards in the regular season.

Vic Beasley plays outside linebacker. He had 15.5 sacks in the regular season, so look for him putting pressure on Brady.


• 2017 AFC champions

• This will be the Patriots’ ninth Super Bowl, the most of all time for a franchise.

• The team is led by quarterback Tom Brady (four-time Super Bowl Champion and three-time Super Bowl MVP) who had 3,554 passing yards in the regular season.

• The Patriots’ top receiver is Julian Edelman who has 1,161 receiving yards on the year.

• Watch out for cornerback Malcom Butler on the defensive side of the ball — he’s their big playmaker.

Easy Appetizer

Man Dip


1 container Whipped cream cheese

1 can Hormel chili with beans

      (Vegetarian option: Hormel vegetarian chili with beans)

1 can chopped green chilis

2 cups Mexican cheese


1. In a glass or ceramic pan, spread the cream cheese across the bottom.

2. Mix the green chilies with the Hormel chili, and layer that on top of the cream cheese.

3. Sprinkle the Mexican cheese on top.

4. Microwave for five minutes or until cheese is melted.