Embarrassing Moments

Students share funny, embarrassing stories

Embarrassing Moments

“I did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, and my lips wouldn’t go down, but my mom made me go to school the next day. I had to sleep with ice on my lips and go to school with my lips huge. I was crying because I was embarrassed to walk through the halls with my lips that big.”

-Jillian Hurst, 11


“Once I was at the store with my mom, and I couldn’t find her [for a while]. I thought I saw her so I went up and gave her a hug from behind but it wasn’t her so I walked away really awkwardly.”

-Brielle Murray, 10


“I was in Anatomy taking a test, and the whole class was completely silent. I went to turn my test in and fell flat on my face. Just to make the situation worse, I got a bloody nose.”

-Lila Kubas, 10


“Halfway through first hour my friend pointed down at my shoes and then looked at me super confused. ‘What?,’ I asked. She told me that my Converse were two different colors. In my defense they looked very similar, one being navy blue and the other black. For some reason, she decided to share this with the class, and before I knew it, everyone was talking about my shoe mishap. I really didn’t want to wear them for the whole day so before it could get out of hand, I texted my mom and had her bring me one matching shoe.”

-Kate Anderson, 9


“I walked into Anatomy with my goggles and gloves on, completely ready to dissect my cat. Then I realized it was block day, I was in the wrong class, and there was a freshman biology class going on. They stared at me for [what felt] like five minutes.”

-Sophie Bell, 10


“Sophomore year, I was sitting in French, and I turned around to get something out of my backpack. I don’t really know what happened, but my chair slipped out from under me. I hit my head and blacked out for a couple seconds — only to wake up with my classmates standing and staring over me.”

-Kate Meinzenbach, 11


“I was in ELA, and we were silently reading a book. I took a big drink of my water and started coughing while it was still in my mouth. I tried swallowing it, but I couldn’t because I was choking. I spit it all over my desk. The whole class turned and looked at me. I had to get up in front of everyone and get paper towels to clean it up.”

-Peyton Anderson, 11