Playlist for Winter

A compilation of non-holiday songs that are great for listening in cold weather

Nick Lamberti, Design Editor

Winter brings a lot of good things. It also brings good music, too. However, if you’re tired of hearing endless Holiday songs on the radio, here’s a playlist of music that reminds me of winter but has absolutely nothing to do with holidays.


  1. Augustine — Blood Orange

This track takes me to downtown KC, where lights are strung up and big jackets are on. I’m not sure what it is, but this album is beautiful for listening to in the wintertime, even though it may seem like a summer album. The retro beat and synths mixed with the vocals seems to have a December atmosphere.


  1. Olga – 1984 — Rejjie Snow

The slow saxophone and radio-like rapping from Rejjie Snow almost reminds me of a holiday song, but the lyrics and symbol-heavy beat are a good component for making this a perfect winter song. I remember learning to drive on a backroad in the winter of my freshman year, with the hot air blasting and this song playing in the background


  1. Re: Stacks — Bon Iver

Not only this track, but Bon Iver’s entire discography remind me of winter. Some of the songs almost sound like snow falling. This song makes me want to read a book with a hot cup of cocoa. I imagine green fern trees against white snow, sledding, and candles. This is a perfect winter song.


  1. Loud Places — Jamie XX

This song takes me back to winter of freshman year, to my first relationship. I got my boyfriend the album In Colour by Jamie XX and he would always play it when we were together. This song reminds me of brisk air, coffee shops, and vinyls.


  1. If I Believe You — The 1975

With a choir and gospel-like chords, this song feels like a Christmas, 90’s pop, teen angst mixture. And that’s exactly what it is. When the album came out in February 2016, it’s tracks were a component of my ending-of-winter time, and this song is my favorite on the album, which was always on repeat.


  1. Israel — Willow

Coming out Halloween of this year, I can already tell this album is going to be a big part of this holiday season. The guitar and orchestral instruments almost remind me of a Bon Iver song. Willows first album, ARDIPITHECUS, is such a summertime album, which is why I’m glad she came out with a contrasting album for the other seasons.


  1. Drew Barrymore — SZA

In the music video, SZA and her friends go sledding and spend sometime outside in the cold. Along with the visual, the strumming of the guitar and the line “Is it warm enough for ya inside here?” remind me of hanging with friends on a cold winter day. Even though CTRL is viewed more as a spring album, some tracks like Drew Barrymore and 20 Something remind me of winter nights and hot soup.


  1. God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty (feat. Kendrick Lamar) — Mac Miller

Mac Miller has always reminded me of cold weather. Riding with the windows down in freezing cold weather, Mac Miller’s melodies can always take me back to winter of my sophomore year. From Faces, to the first album I heard from him, to GO:OD AM, an album I got for Christmas, Miller’s music revolves around snow and warm cars.


  1. Gymnopédie — Erik Satie

While it is odd for me to listen to classical music, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this song. It brings me a visual of an open door, with dim candlelight, and just outside you can make out a heavy snowstorm.



I don’t know why, but the electric, poppy album, PRINCESS, from ABRA, reminds me of the colder times. It reminds me of flashing lights, dancing in the basement, watching scary movies, and seeing Christmas trees through windows.


Listen to the playlist here: