Here are some of the newest TV shows you should be binging.


A new kind of crime show

Esquire calls producer and director David Fincher‘s new show Mindhunter Netflix’s most “binge-worthy show yet,” and they’re not all that wrong. This mystery show is different from anything you know yet — there aren’t car chases or intense phone call threats, but the content is chilling nonetheless. Mindhunter peers into the minds of serial killers more than any other movie or show so far. It begs the question, why do serial killers kill, and why do they do it more than once? Although the first episodes are slow, the show acts more like a prolonged movie cut up into sections than something that has to keep you on a cliffhanger by the end of every episode. That is why Esquire calls it the most binge-worthy show yet — because the audience is pulled into the characters and their projects. As the episodes progress, the tension builds and builds until the conflict peaks in the last episode but never resolves. Additionally, the show is a perfect example of the escalation of character development, specifically regarding the main character Holden Ford and how he changes when approaching different criminal projects. Mindhunter is certainly no CSI show, but with Fincher’s directing style and attention to detail, it makes a long lasting impression upon the viewers and has them begging for more.


A revolution against TV norms

Mr. Robot is back and at it again with more characters, a darker setting and a more twisted plot in season 3. As usual, the ambition of the show is praiseworthy — director and creator Sam Esmail never lets the possibility of failure stop him, but he also doesn’t get carried away with outlandish ideas. For example, episode 5’s “one-take” shot may seem to arrogantly display the bag of tricks that the show can dip into, but in reality, it was just the right thing for what they wanted to do. That wasn’t an easy gimmick to pull off, and when the episode aired, the shot effectively captured the viewers’ attention. Sure, the cuts are noticeable, but that was not the point of the long take. The point was to display the real-time chaos of the environment, as well as intensify the suspense, which the first half of the season lacked. Additionally, this episode drew my attention to the exquisite soundtrack, which has gradually become one of my favorite aspects of the show. Overall, the season focuses a lot on characters other than the hacker Elliot Anderson, and the viewers get to develop bonds with them — the acting only adds to that effect. However, the downside of more characters is that the audience loses focus on Elliot, and because there is a more omniscient view, the show ends up losing suspense and shock value. At the end of the day, though, perhaps the best thing about Mr. Robot is the fact that it rebels against everything TV is known for. With damning soliloquies about modern life and odd cinematography that works, Mr. Robot wins the heart of people who want something more than a cookie cutter show.


Bringing nostalgia to sci-fi

When I heard that Stranger Things was coming back with a second season, I was pleasantly surprised and mildly excited. While I thought season 1 was entertaining to watch, I didn’t believe that it lived up to its hype, although I understood why people love it for its child actors and its nostalgia element. However, the second season of Stranger Things was intense, enrapturing, and most of all, a worthy sequel to the first season. Of course, it had its faults. At times, the pack of “demo-dogs” took a back seat and, as a result, didn’t present itself as a strong threat. The true antagonist became convoluted: was it the giant, smoky Demogorgon or the pack of dogs? In a way, this season felt like first half of an extended movie where the climax of the plot is when the kids face off the larger Demogorgon. However, I’m now more excited for season 3 now than I was for season 2 — previously unanswered questions were resolved, but new ones have arisen. The combination of the fabulous acting — most notably Noah Schnapp as Will Byers — and magnified intensity of the conflict contribute to the success of season 2.


Be sure to catch this gangster drama every Wednesday

If there’s ever a show that makes you feel like an absolute badass watching it, it would be Peaky Blinders. Wielding hats with blades sewn into the cap and walking in slow motion down the dirty streets of Birmingham, England, the viewers are constantly on edge for the next betrayal or brutal killing. The first episode of season 4 came out on November 15, and it shocked fans with its twist ending — which is admirable, considering the last episode of season 3 was quite a shock as well. If you haven’t seen the first 3 seasons yet, then you need to catch up now — watch it on Netflix or Amazon.


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