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From anything from aliens to 9/11, many people take different perspectives to try to explain certain events. Many people call these explanations conspiracy theories. Throughout the years, many popular conspiracy theories have surfaced on the internet. Here’s a list describing some of our favorite conspiracy theories.

Courtney Brown, McKenna Cole, and Nick Lamberti

Crisis Actors:

Crisis actors are supposedly actors paid by the government to act in tragedies such as school shootings and bombings to portray suffering. They pretend to be victims or witnesses of the tragedy. The first instance of crisis actors was in 2013 with Sandy Hook. The same actor appeared in the Aurora movie theater shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. These actors have inconsistent stories and appear to be reading from scripts. Believers in this theory judge people in times of grief and use them as evidence to support their theories.


Faked Moon Landing:

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind — sike. Conspiracists say the U.S. government faked the moon landings in a desperate effort to beat the Russians in the space race. They claimed astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin acted out their mission on a secret film set, located either high in the Hollywood Hills or in Area 51. Stanley Kubrick was said to direct said moon landing. With the few videos and photos of the Apollo missions only available through NASA, there is no outside verification that the moon landing was anything but a hoax.


CIA Created Aids:

In 1981, when the HIV/AIDS epidemic was first reported by the government, there’s been talk about the disease being created by the CIA in order to wipe out black and gay people. Political figures on multiple occasions have used their platforms to criticize the U.S. government on creating these diseases in labs. South African president Thabo Mbeki accused the U.S. government of creating the disease in military labs. Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai, when winning the Nobel Peace Prize used her platform to support the theory. Others blame Richard Nixon when he combined the U.S. biowarfare department and the National Cancer Institute. However, while some believe it was created by the federal government, most scientists are in agreement that HIV jumped from chimpanzees to humans as an immunodeficiency disorder.


Death of Tupac Shakur:

While it is evident that Tupac Shakur was killed, his killer has still not been caught. Many people believe in various theories, ranging from his competitor Biggie Smalls being involved to even believing Shakur is still alive. On the night of Sept. 7, 1996, after attending a boxing match, Shakur and manager Shug Knight were involved in a fight in the lobby of the MGM Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Orlando Anderson, a member of the Compton-based Southside Crips Gang, was suspected to be the main attacker on Shakur that night. After suffering from four bullet wounds, Shakur died six days later. A theory about Tupac’s killer is that Anderson, with the involvement of the Southside Crips Gang and rapper Biggie Smalls, shot Shakur. Biggie’s motive for Shakur’s death was based on the rivalry between the two. A more far-fetched theory states that a retired cop named David Meyers, along with Knight, helped Tupac fake his death. This has led to many speculators believing that Shakur is alive and well.