5 Ways to Boost Creativity

How you, as an artist, can get your creative juices flowing

  1. Listen to music. Listening to music always helps inspire me when I want to make art. Make a playlist based around the mood you’re trying to portray in your artwork and play it in the background as you create.
  2. Take some alone time to think. Go for a drive or take a long shower and clear your mind— my best ideas always come to me when I do this. It gives you time to really think about the direction you’re trying to take your artwork in.
  3. Follow artists on social media. I follow tons of artists to gain inspiration. It will help you discover concepts and techniques you can later interpret in your own way. Have a folder where you can save some of your favorite artworks.
  4. Never stop creating. Even when you’re feeling drained, still make art. This totally helps you discover new ideas and can help you determine what you do and don’t like.
  5. Make room for improvement. Reflect on your best and worst works and ask yourself what you can do to improve. In art, you can always get better no matter what.