Uber Weird

Students share their scary uber experiences.


Sabine Fardoun, 11:

After the Logic concert, my friend was supposed to drive me and my other friend home. She was too tired so we decided to take an Uber. I have never taken an Uber before, and I was really scared after watching the horror stories on YouTube.

Our driver’s name was something like Laquisha, and she was very nice. She greeted us and got our addresses to put in her GPS, but I was still very scared because this car ride was going to be 30 minutes long.

She was keeping casual conversation with us, but I noticed she was taking us a weird route. I knew how to get home, and every turn she made seemed wrong.

We started driving on a dirt road in the middle of the woods, and a man walks out of the woods right in front of her car, holding something.

Then she yells, “What the hell! This is some Jason-type [stuff],” and gases it. We flew out of there. It was so scary — even she was freaked out.

As were driving she told us she wasn’t going to let anything happen to us and that if anything she was going to die protecting us. After she got us out of there, I finally felt safe and was glad she was our driver.

5 stars

Jessamy Harrell, 10:

I was in Rhode Island at the time, and my friend and I wanted to go to the mall before we left. The mall was closing in an hour, so we decided to get an Uber.

When our driver arrived, the car itself was pretty sketchy. You had to use this cord thing to keep the door shut, and our driver spoke the littlest of English, which made it hard to understand what he was saying.

So after we figure out the door, the guy shuts his phone off and says, “We go my way.” My friend and I started freaking out, texting each other trying to figure out — should we have 911 on speed dial?

He kept asking us why we were in Rhode Island, and we kept making things up. Then he turns into some alleyway, and I start freaking out, about to cry.

He said, “Oh no, don’t worry. You’re safe with me,” and I told him to just take us to the mall, or we would get out and walk there ourselves.

After arguing with the dude, he drops us off at the mall. When we get there, there’s only 10 more minutes till closing, and when we had called the Uber we still had an hour to spare.

We spent 45-50 minutes in that car when it was supposed to be a 10-minute drive.

1 star

Zach Olson, 11:

We were on our way to a go see a volcano in Hawaii and decided to call an Uber.

Our Uber driver seemed pretty normal at first, but then we drove past a police officer and he began going off about how much he hated the police.

He kept talking about this one specific cop that always pulled people over for jaywalking. He was getting really upset.

It was scary, so we tried to change the subject by asking him what his favorite thing to do in Hawaii was, but he didn’t seem that interested.

Then we stopped to get gas. Our driver got out of the car only a second later to realize he forgot to put the car in park.

He was able to get in the car fast enough to stop us from rolling, but it was pretty scary.

Then the guy said, “Yikes, that was a close one,” and continued to get gas.

We finally made it to the volcano alive.

3 stars