The Rise of a New Industry

How the Beauty World has Made an Impact


Emily Cummings, Staff Writer

In the past ten years there has been a new leading group of artistic people — beauty bloggers on social media.

It all started when makeup brands began to use celebrities for makeup campaigns, but this idea eventually backfired when consumers highlighted the problem of photoshopping how the brand and individual had a contract where the celebrity was required to promote the marketed items.

Soon consumers started turning their attention to beauty bloggers that began posting their unbiased opinions about products through social media such as YouTube and Instagram.

Today our Instagram feeds are filled with beauty gurus inventing new techniques and promoting products to share with the world. Their advice and guidance into the makeup and beauty world has lead some of these beauty bloggers to start their own brands; people like Laura Lee, Manny MUA, Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook are amongst the most popular influencers in the beauty world with their own brand. 

The effort of trying to reach viewers and promoting personal brands has created fierce competition inside the beauty community. Each of the gurus are constantly under pressure to be the best and come out with new, creative content for their channels and brands.

 When beauty bloggers upload a video to Youtube, they make their money based on their viewing stats. However, for many of these YouTubers the salary isn’t enough to support them with their daily needs. This is when they seek sponsorships from bigger brands. This could be a beauty guru promoting the brand in an Instagram post or in a Youtube video. Many Youtubers have gotten slack from taking sponsorships because the viewers believe they are only doing it for the money and fame. This has pushed many influencers to have disclaimers saying that all of their thoughts are their own and nothing is biased just because of a sponsorship.

Many of the big YouTubers also receive PR packages(Public Relations). This is a way for the big brands to get the influencers to make videos about the new items they are bringing out into the makeup world. In a way it’s a since of gratitude that the brands can send the Youtubers to show that they respect them enough to try and “show off” their products.

Overall, in the past decade the big change in the beauty world has caused many people to become intrigued by the way it runs. Most of the original Beauty bloggers have also made a big fortune by giving the people what they want and need to become successful at the art of makeup.