Hole In the Wall

Clubs gone unnoticed by Blue Valley High come to light


From DECA, to Students Assist Schools, to KAY Club, a wide range of clubs are available to students at Blue Valley. These clubs make it possible for students to find their niche in a school of more than 1,600, but finding a club to join is more than challenging for students — especially when they don’t know how many clubs BV really has to offer.

Dungeons and Dragons-

Dungeons and Dragons Club is a small organization looking to expand its size with any enthusiastic players throughout the year.

Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, is a role-playing game where players create characters and go questing with friends.

“The best time to join is at the beginning of the year,” senior Robbie White said. “We welcome everyone into [D&D] club.”

White said the D&D club is a very rowdy bunch that are very enthusiastic when new members join the club.

They meet every Thursday in Room 552 after school.


Anime Club is also often overlooked because of its small size. Students find that great friendships are formed with fellow club members who share the same love of anime.

Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults, as well as children.

“Anime Club has a lot of unique people to meet and make friends with,” junior Tori Hill said.

During Tiger Paws A, the club has discussions about anime; during Tiger Paws B, everyone votes on an anime to watch for the remaining time.

The members also attend anime conventions together, so no one feels scared to go alone. The club meets every Friday during Tiger Paws A and B in Room 303.


Chess Club is a gathering of individuals interested in chess that play in competitions from October through March. Even if you don’t know how to play chess or haven’t played in awhile, Chess Club will teach you and help you improve your skills. The Chess Club meets on Wednesdays during Tiger Paws A and B in Room 218.


Are you a crazy fan? Well, Fandom Club is the place for you.

“This is a catch-all club,” sponsor Becky Knueven said. There is currently twenty to thirty members in Fandom Club, and during meetings they discuss comics, Star Wars, Supernatural, and others. Fandom club meets every Wednesday during Tiger Paws B in Room 304.