Societies within our Society

Societies within our Society


One day all of the social media will be taken over, wiped completely and grid power grids will go down. Even worse, countries lose complete control of their nuclear weapons. No one knows the cause until an anonymous group takes responsibility. Of course, you’re questioning who they are and what they want, but they strictly hide their identities due to their anonymous motto. Anonymous is a hacktivist group constructed of hackers from all around the world, who are so powerful, they have hacked the U.S. Government, claiming to have released President Donald Trump’s social security number, cell phone number, and other personal information to the public. They never release the names of their hackers, keeping the title of Anonymous alive.


The Illuminati

Have you ever seen the famous pyramid on the front of the one dollar bill? At the top of the pyramid is the “Eye of Providence,” also referred to as “The All Seeing Eye.” This has been the logo for the Illuminati since the founders created it in 1776. They are originally known as the Bavarian Illuminati, which was established in Germany, where their headquarters are located. This group is responsible for the Denver airport conspiracy— under the Denver airport lies a massive bunker, which has been said to be the Illuminati’s getaway in case of an apocalypse. They aren’t all talk, either — they have said to be the true founding fathers of many nations, including the United States. Countries aren’t the only thing they supposedly control. Members include normal citizens from around the world, to many well known accused members include celebrities like Beyonce, Jay-Z, David Rockefeller and even the Queen of England. No one has confirmed the accusations, but many believe their fan bases aren’t the only type of power truly in their hands.


Skull and Bones

Yale University is mostly known for its status as one of the best colleges in the world. Some of the greatest leaders, politicians, authors and even actress Meryl Streep can call themselves a proud Bulldog. All of this glory can lead to many things, but the least likely outcome could possibly be a secret society. The Skull and Bones were created by a group of seniors from the graduating class of 1882. They aren’t some normal study group — they have been known to have some questionable traditions. Reports say fifteen juniors are selected each year and have to go through the most brutal of hazing of any school. They have to recite the group’s manifest and consent in being tortured. The final test they are put through is not even known to outsiders due to its secrecy. After completing the treacherous task they can call themselves ‘Bonesmen.’ Many powerful figures are accused of being Bonesmen, like actor Paul Giamatti as well as former presidents George W. Bush and William H. Taft. There are many famous fraternities, but this one takes the cake.