Ways to get Spooky for Halloween

A guide to all things spooky


Cassidy Carpenter, Staff Writer

With Halloween a few weeks away, it’s hard to ignore all the excited people rushing through the halls with one thing on their minds– time to get spooky.

Spooky season is a hyped up time of year leading into amazing holidays such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. It gets the world ready for the best three months of the year. Hallothanksmas.

Below are some crucial steps in order to make the most of your spooky season.

  1. Buy some pumpkins.

Buying pumpkins is absolutely the first step to getting in the best state of mind. It’s like a transitional block that moves your brain from sweaty summer time to crisp fall weather. Without a pumpkin around, spooky season just could not go on.

  1. Go to Walmart and buy some festive candy.

I am not suggesting just some candy corn. We can save that for amateurs. I’m talking full candy bars and dozens of bags of Sour Patch kids. Everyone knows that spooky season is most definitely NOT the time to start a new diet or stick to an existing one.

  1. Attend haunted houses.

Haunted houses are just as important as the first two tips. These creepy little houses will make or break a successful spooky season. It is an essential move to make it to one of these every weekend in October. If not how else are you going to stay Spooky?

  1. Bake some spooky treats.

Cook a selection of orange and black colored goodies to get your family and friends into the correct mindset. These treats must taste perfect and look perfect for the full spooky effect.

Finally when that glorious night arrives…

Make the most of your night and dress up as spooky as possible. Take a basic ghost from a boring white sheet to a spooky white sheet with eyes. Spice up your costume and don’t forget to be a little bit extra. Besides, you’re only young once.

Be safe and have a fantastic spooky season.